I just got hired at Leafly...

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  1. ... As the Cannabis Production Director, which is good, because I don't know how to grow. I just create the right, conditions that you all have been describing and watch nature take its course.

    A little bit about me. I was born in Spokane, WA. I went to Gonzaga Prep just across the Idaho border from Coeur d'Alene (Kid Cannabis, Netflix). I attended Boston College, majored in philosophy and theology, then graduated into poverty.

    2009 was a great year to plan for the rest of your life, it just sucks I applied to my schools in 2008.

    While in school, I had worked in the gardens owned by the Society of Jesus, a 400+ year old Catholic religious order whose emphasis on education and solidarity with the poor has gained notoriety has gained notoriety after the election of one of their own, Francis the I, as pope.

    I found that all the thoughts and unresolved stresses that most catalogued for an ever expanding record of grievance availed themselves more readily with the grit of the earth to remind you of where you stand.

    And at night I would lie there and reflect on the boyish dreams we had had dreamt up in the haze of Joyce, and Arendt and Eco. We would talk about art for arts sake, the primacy of originality, and the end of speculative democracy with the establishment of high art--those things which had once buttressed civilization as it expanded and provided the necessary foundation for growth.

    My studies were derailed by two factors--my bipolar diagnosis and lithium prescription, which zombified me before having access to safe and secure medicine.

    The experience of OMMP medicine I had in Portland changed my life. I have no have any significant "manic" episodes (those though who know me know that I'm running like a fryer hen)

    So here I sit, with this rare opportunity to study, retrieve, codify, relive and expand upon an already rich oral tradition... I would have done it on Heidegger if they would have asked, but gardening I know.

    So, now that I have called DHS to let them know that I don't need my SNAP benefits anymore, I think it is the folk speak of their lore and allow a an advocate to appear. Now I have my pedagogy and my hermeneutics, but you have been doing this for much longer than me, and damn any man who tells you otherwise.

    That is why I want to ask you all about what I should do?

    That's why, I am staying my desire to found, once in Seattle, non-profit self perpetuating growing spaces where the collaboration and research can be combined with encounter, because until we know the face of the men and women with whom we share this beautiful profession, the national spotlight that is slowly turning toward our movement, will cast shadows of doubt on all best intentions.

    But just like any great idea, it starts with a germ that is nurtured into a seed strengthened by the resolute faith of those who stand with the dreamers. Come dream with me. Come see what can happen.

    Don't forget to remember what happened to that little boy who suddenly got everything...

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  2. Shouldn't you be standing on a ledge somewhere?

    C'mon out of the cold brah and get youself warm by the fire...
  3. I went to a Jesuit high school. Used to smoke before going to class to enlighten myself. Always wondered if the Brothers in the Order also took part....
  4. Whats leafly?
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    It's a cannabis/dispensary site. Has info on many (not all) strains. It also connects the user to available Medical Dispensaries in their area, providing them with menu and pricing information.
  6. Oh duh lol, been there before, lmao
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    Your words are very poetic but most people on here (like me) are too damn high to know WTF you were saying... and I read it twice dude. Very eccentric and almost other worldly... smh
    I want to say congratulations but I am not sure if you are happy or if anything you wrote was even related to the title of your post.
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    I stopped reading after the "kid cannabis, netflix" reference/plug?
    Anyway that's a cool job op good luck!🍳

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  9. Wow, im probably the only one who didnt read it

    But now im afraid to :hide:
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    Read it. The end would be better if the boy who got everything actually had a story of poverty to come up from. But theres no explanation. The guy graduates into poverty, but not a poverty of struggle or want, a poverty of worldly things, things he doesnt seem to want for or think of, but instead the boy seems to enjoy the times he had at "instutions" of learning and not just learning about others and art and religion and philosophy, but learning about self.

    Hints of mental instability and addiction, with manic tendencies suppressed by cannabis consumption (we dont know you, so we'll take the bipolar diagnosis at face value, though the want for attention and poetic tone hint at a bit of self delusion, and theres a heavyness to the words), though its evident that staying on track is very difficult for you. (manic?)

    I recommend you stick to your meds buddy. Have a friend with the same mental illness you have and while he thought cannabis made him better, to everyone else he slipped into a dark oblivion and became outright weird, scary, not functional and delusional.

    You asked what you should do? I say get off the cannabis, get some different psych meds and stay in counseling, where true professionals can make sure you dont start threads on the internet, start telling your life story, switch to poetic tones, then shift back n forth, teetertottering if you will between now and then, with no hint of a Shift, tying it off at the end with a message about a little boy.

    So whats up with the job dude?

    Forgive my analysis, but these are my thoughts.
  11. Sounds dramatic. Congratulations?
  12. ..why are you telling us this?
  14. I think the OP just decided to end it all....
    The chip in his head?

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