I just got high and went for a walk

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  1. bad idea, i got really scared because i was half an hour away from a road from where i smoked so i had to trek back for half an hour and it felt like i was taking a stroll to a compltely different town and i felt like i was in the movie "the village" so i thought that i'd get attacked by those crazy ass monsters in that movie. so i started doing over exxagerated walks like those from those reeeeally old cartoons like felix the cat or popeye the sailor man to stay safe. then i walked to my house and cuz i made it to the road and i thought i saw the cops. so i walked real slowly and was scared but then i realized it was just a really large rock and i made it to my house. then shit got good and i ate a fuckload of food. i'm still hungry. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

  2. i think your just really high
  3. wow... i was really high this morning.
  4. i think i need another bowl:smoke:
  5. That happened to me once -.-
  6. LOL @ this thread
  7. ^^^^^^^^^
    Lol that duded face! Duded that village movie is jacked tho, i feel your pain, kinda, not really :D
  8. calm down...
  9. I bet people driving by and watching you trip were like "fucking druggies"
  10. This thread had me laughin hella hard while scrolling through all the "Lol what" images.
  11. Calm down, listen to some music, eat, smoke more, pass out.
  12. The Village is probably the worst movie I have ever seen. I read a book right before I went to see that that had the exact same premise:

    Running out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

    Running Out of Time (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Plot Summary

    "Jessie Keyser is a 12-year-old girl from the village of Clifton, Indiana in the 1840s. During a village-wide bout of diphtheria, Jessie's mother reveals that the actual year is 1996, and that Clifton Village is actually a tourist attraction, a replica of a historical village. She secretly sends Jessie out of the village to retrieve a cure for the disease from a man that disagreed on having Clifton as a tourist attraction, Mr. Neeley. But Jessie has to be careful because there are a few guards that have to make sure that no one from Clifton leaves and finds out that it is really 1996 and not 1840. Miles Clifton was the creator of Clifton."

    What a shitty, shitty movie.
  13. We were down in my usual chill spot, and i notice someone walking on the path above us. So i say quietly to my friends "guys its dylen, look!" (dylan who is a special needs kid who goes to our highschool). He kept stopping and staring at us for some reason, whatever we kept on our small adventures and thogth nothing of it. When suddenyl my friend looks over there and says "Oh my god, theres a hooded stranger following Dylan!"
    There was a person with a hood on walking down the path now. So we immediately chose to go save Dylan The mentally retarded schoolboy. We ran up our secret path yelling at the hooded stranger and waving our fists wildly. When we got up there we realized it was our friend (not Dylan) the whole time. And he heard everything we said.

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