i just got fucked up

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by johnnyd, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. i just got 300 bucks jacked from me and i dont know who it was. i had a party two weeks ago and i was really fucked up. some one jacked 300 bucks from me. i still go to highschool, so how should i go about finding out who it was.

    Im usually a nice guy but right now i am pissed, usually when shit happens, i just forget about it cuz they aint much i can really do that will chang it, but right now i am pissed. so ne ting would help.
  2. hey man the same thing happened to my friend

    we kicked the shit out of the guys until they admited it

    i guess we \"guessed and checked\"

  3. Listen in the channels...people have big mouths, especially in schools. If you don\'t know a lot of people in different groups, then it\'s going to be harder to find out. Chances are, whoever did it bragged about it, so at the very least; about 5 people initially knew, but that number may have gone up now and they might also be talking about you behind your back.

    Listen to everything around you. Watch for people staring at you a little too strangely to be inconspicuous. Watch how people act around you; it\'s one of the ways you can tell if they\'re lying. If they tell you one thing, pick at every angle of it, and if it gets suspicious: accuse them. Maybe the heat on them will get them to give up the real culprits name.

    If all else fails..
    Use intimidation and/or bribery...
  4. ^^^ bribery sounds like a good idea. if you know someone has information, tell them that you\'ll give them half of whatever you recover. hint: you don\'t have to give them the money
  5. ay man.. let karma take care of it... any way, u dont know if u drop it somewhere....latezz..
  6. He\'s right, I have a friend thats always loosing shit, and saying people stole it.

    who knows.

    just walk around beating asses if you dont find it anywhere.
  7. karma, shmarma. fuck that. You\'ll find out eventually though, word always gets around high schools. Good luck, and beat that fucker to a pulp if you find out for sure who it was.
  8. highgirly420

    nooooooooo what happened to your avatar? nooooooooo bring it back!!!

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