I just got fucked, need some advice

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  1. Well I've been at college for almost a week now and I already got busted. I just found a connect literally and hour ago. Bought an eigth of mits. I was so happy, I've been dry since i was up here. I knew it was a bad idea to go outside n smoke but I did it anyways. I went under a tree and the fuckers snuck up on bikes. I tossed the pipe but not far enough. They found it took all my info, I was real cooperative. He told me i'm not gonna kicked outa school or anything. At worst a paraphanalia charge.

    BUT I still have pending charges. I got a paraphanalia charge that was reduced to a disorderly conduct, but still not over with. Was supposed to have a hearing on the 17th but my lawyer said I prolly wouldn't even have to go, because he was getting it to a disorderly conduct. But What i'm wondering is with this new charge can things change with that. Anyone know anything about a situation like this.

    I'm freaking out.:mad:
  2. im sure if they wanted they could raise the original charge back to paraphanalia... but whats a charge like that carry? i would think a ticket at most?
  3. I'm not sure if I should help you. Tarheels suck.

    This is The City, though. We're all a family here, right?

    First, who were the people who approached on bikes? Were they campus security or actual police officers? Did they give you any documentation about the citation?
  4. They were campus police. He just took all my info and said some investigator was gonna call me tommarrow and talk to me.

    The charge is a misdemeanor. Which is not good. I've already gotten fucked in the ass by the law so many times. I have an old disorderly conduct and a misemeanor from last year. Now with this new shit...I just cant even think right now.
  5. All right. Your best bet is to wait until you're contacted tomorrow before doing anything else. If they intend to charge you, you'll need to contact the attorney handling the other charge for you. Tell him what happened and ask him how it will affect the other situation.

    Obviously, it's different from state to state, but your situation might present a problem in my neck of the woods. If your attorney can get the other charges amended and adjudicated before you're forced to deal with the tonight's charge, you won't have any problems. If the first case is still pending, though, it might make it less likely that the prosecutor will keep the offer to amend the first charge. In some states, the first drug paraphernalia offense is a misdemeanor, but the second is a felony. If that's the case in NC, it might not be as appealing to the prosecutor handling your first case to deal with you.

    Good luck to you, man, and I hope your basketball team chokes this year.


    Seriously, though, there's no need to worry about it tonight. It won't do you any good, and you won't be able to do anything about it until you know more about the charges they're considering.

    Definitely let us know what happens.
  6. next time use some lube.
  7. gold!
  8. send flowers the next day
  9. "I knew it was a bad idea to go outside n smoke but I did it anyways."

  10. next time be IN the tree

    you think theyd climb up there to see if you stashed your shit?
  11. man just stay on yo "p's and q's" and smoke that shit in private...REAL TALK best advice i can give you. don't let non smokers know you smoke either!!!

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