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i just got caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexvont12, May 11, 2010.

  1. and im not even high to make it better... went outside about to go blaze and my mom comes out asking what im doing as i hold a bong. i dont think shes really all that against pot (my dad has a medical card and she knows) but she says shes gonna talk to me tomorrow and she might tell my dad (who would kill me and prolly drug test me randomlly if he found out)... what should i do? :(
  2. Your dad has a medical card and hes going to be mad?
    Stay calm, give your stuff to a friend for safekeeping, and then attempt to educate your parents on weed.
  3. tell them you don't want to be drug tested, because you're 18

  4. This. Seriously, bro. If you show your parents that weed doesn't make you an idiot, which shouldn't be too hard if your dad has his card, you should be fine.

    Be smart.
    Be courteous.
    Be respectful.

    And probably watch The Union with them. I just told my parents that I smoked today and we watch that wonderful film and they reacted really well. And my parents are PASTORS.

    Logic FTW.
  5. looks like you should hide your weed and dont give it to a friend that could get tin trouble for it cuz that could just add more trouble for u.....either hide it well or to a friend that can hold it that u can trust. then when ur mom talks to you tell her that you know what you put in your body and that you have done the research and that its no where near as bad as ciggarets or alcohol which kill thousands a year or more......and weed does not kill any at all. and tell her about how it doesnt kill brain cells or any of the other stereotypical lies there are about weed etc, etc...then if she dont want u smoking in the house or whatever respect that but let her know better in the house then on the streets.
  6. If you are 18 and you dad has a card. Why havent you been smoking it up with him?
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    This! plus your Dad should be more understanding due to His Medical Card
  8. Because you're surely not younger than 18 and posting on grass city :D

    You can really go one of two ways on this whole drug testing issue (assuming it happens), you can tell your parents to fuck off the party and that might work; and in response you will probably get sent to rehab, or kicked out of the house. In fact I would put cash on that.

    Or you can understand that you are not yet moved out, and your very subsistence depends on them and would be far better off taking the route of least opposition. Attempt to reason with them, but don't argue. If it doesn't work. Agree with them, smoke low key if you can. If not, don't risk it.

    Family is one of the most important support groups we have in our life, i've seen a lot of friends fuck that up over weed and I think that is just fucking stupid. As marijuana is not one of the drugs that should have that stigma tied to it.

    Weed should not always take precedence, some things are more important, in this case; family.

    Maybe your dad is being slightly hypocritical, you might have to deal with it till you're out on your own.

    The only reason I took the time to type out this advice is because there are certain things I wish I had done differently in my life, and perhaps you'll avoid some of the mistakes I made when I was younger.

  9. i dont smoke all the time and when i do its mostly at night after everyone is asleep and i go outside so i dont know how i can smoke any more low-key.... fuck i guess ill just have to see how it goes tomorrow.. thanks everyone. ill keep you posted on how it turns out.
  10. If you're 18+ tell them to fuck off, they can't do anything about it.
    If you're under 18... Well then you're fucked.

    Nah, just kidding. Really, just hide your shit somewhere and say you were just trying it. You'd never got high before and wanted to see what it was like. You're so so so so so sorry and you learned your lesson and you're gonna be a good boy from now on.

    ... Then you go get your bong and and smoke some weed! :smoking:
  11. Tell your dad your 18 and to fuck off if he has a medical card.

    Or just agree and play it low.
  12. Yeah man you should be smoking with the pops

    how long he have that card for? if he was smoking up your place before you were and your taking your bong outside you dont be a bitched about it
  13. Yeah.... because telling a parent to fuck off is bound to end well...:cool:
  14. Your pops is a stoner, man. Fucking chill :smoking:
  15. Any followup?
  16. Well thats not right.
  17. i dont know whats up with these people telling you to tell your parents to fuck off, i know its a cliche, but your living under their roof and it doesnt matter if your 18 they are still probably paying for most of your food and stuff, so unless you plan on hittin the streets i would play along until you move out or go to college or whatever. When I was 18 my parents caught me smoking for like the 10th time and I was like Im 18 i can do what I want, and ill always remember my dad saying "thats right, your 18, so we dont legally have to support you anymore." and I was forced to peace out :wave:. I was kinda a little prick though so maybe youll have a better experience
  18. not yet... very soon though. i just hope i can still smoke after all this goes down.
  19. funniest shit ever: my mom walked in the house and hears "smoke two joints" blasting from my room. she justs looked at me and shakes her head. XD
  20. It's not that simple, he has a medical card for a reason. You do have it much better off though.

    Thanks for saving me the time.

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