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  1. I just got busted by my parents. My parents were supposed to go watch a movie,but it was sold out.So they just went to eat something and then come back. I thought they were not gonna be home for hours so I invited a bro of mine to come spark it up. I had about 2 bowls each of white widow and a delivery on the way of 1/8 of white rose.Before that we had another dealer who had mids who said he was coming. But when I called, his phone was off, so I called another dealer of mine who told me had shwag tells me now that he got white rose for me. And that dealer was on the way here with his dads car with dvdbox with the weed in it, he messaged me on my phone.I told him to nevermind because his phone was off and I thought he wasn't going to come anymore. So I was freaked if he was still coming and just give me the box and go back with the weed.

    To be continued,
    To stoned and fucked up to keep typing.

  2. I am so excited.
  3. so uh...when should we expect part 2?
  4. [​IMG]
    anxiously anticipating part 2 of this epic tale
  5. i can't fuggin wait to find out how this crazy story plays out.

    No really though, did all the dealers come to your house? When did your parents get home? How are you typing right now if you got caught? sooo many questions!

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