i just got 2 vials of liquid

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  1. :)okay so at first i really thought it was to good to be true cause my boy called me and told me he got some hook up for some sid which i havent found in a very long time.

    after a week he told me the dude was ready and had liquid. as soon as i heard that i opted to take two right away. now a sheet of a aper around here usualy goes for 5 in south jersey maybe a little higher but i only paid 400 for 2 or 275 for one and i really think this was some of the best sid i have ever tried in my life honest to god

    i dropped one hit and within twenty minutes from the drop i was already in the trip.

    im so glad she found me again...:D
  2. i hate you.
  3. sounds fantastic dude, wish i was u lool. i have know clue about prices for sid.
    each little square paper thing is 275? how many hits can you get off it. is it expensive.

    thanks and have fun
  4. well depending on ho wbig a sheet is, a sheet can have 100 hits a half would be 50 the vials each have around 90-100 hits the man said and as soon as i drop i get the tingling feeling on my tounge its very good
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    Edit: Oops I thought you meant $400 per tab lol, didn't see the liquid part. So you're saying you apply the liquid yourself? I've never heard of that being done before, may I ask why you'd want to do that?

    Weedburps you get one hit per 'tab' (little square of paper) For the length of time it lasts it's about as expensive as regular weed.
    Hope I could help :)
  6. 2 vials of 100 hits about each for 400 not two doses dog
  7. No, he got 2 vials containing 90-100 hits each.
  8. Whats sid?
  9. also has anyone ever shipped paper hits through the mail
  10. fax me some bro

  11. Acid lol
  12. Hahah, though as much.

  13. Not in the US.

    I've had acid mailed to me, but it was all through Canadian mail, which apparrantly is not allowed to be searched or anything.
  14. :eek:6 hits of liquid is just mind blowing :]

    if you really looking for acid check out the dead concerts they touring on the west coast now i think

    i was there in phila and got 3 lquid drops,one hit lucky skeleton paper, a 8th of the best mushrooms, two bumps ketamine, a point of molly , and nitruios ballons the size of watermelons jesus christ was i tripping fuckin hard as hell
  15. you mean who is sid. he's a bassist.

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