I just gave a cop a tour of my grow op!

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  1. So, I've been friends with this officer for about 10 years and he goes to church with me and his son is my son's best friend. I never thought I'd see the day when I welcome a cop into my grow room! At first I was a little nervous, but I had already told him I was an MMJ rec holder so he was prepared. We had a big parade in our little town today and our sons were marching together. This meant that we had about 25 family and friends over.

    Back to the story. He showed up this morning with his son and daughter and my wife fixed his daughter's hair and got them to the starting point of the parade. While she was doing that, he asked me where my grow was. I thought I was doing ok with odor, but he said he smelled it standing on the front porch before I opended the door!

    So, I take him to my back room and give him a tour. I showed him my 13 ladies total and answered his questions. He asked how long this harvest will last me, How much my clones cost, Why are the plants so short(LST), and how much I would value each plant at. I told him that if I do a decent job, they will average 1/2oz per plant, equaling a retail savings of about $200 per plant. (Figuring $200 for a 1/2.) He was SHOCKED! He said that they had busted several illicit indoor grows in the last month and the plants they found were 15-25% larger than mine, but he said that I had MUCH better quality bud! A compliment from anyone, ESPECIALLY a cop that sees it all the time! Anyhow, he said that they valued each of their plants at $4000 each! I said "SOB! I wish!" He was TRULY SHOCKED when he learned the actual value. I told him that they were screwing the people they busted. He again was shocked. He said that they are told how much to estimate each plant at and it is somewhere between $2-4000!

    Anyway, I was glad that he complimented me on the quality because he has seen a lot and he obviously has a decent idea of what is out there quality-wise, but the value they estimate are outrageous! He is actually having a hard time dealing with this info because he realizes that they are over-valuing their busts. When you go to court, weight and value have a lot to do with it.

    So, I guess this is an informational post, but what do you all think?:confused:
  2. seems like you got some dank buds growing in your crib
  3. I gave my dad a tour of my grow op... didnt turn out too well :eek:

    And 2-4K is a good estimate for a pound not 'one plant' :smoke:
  4. That's what I told him. He said "Well, we usually find taller plants." Once I showed him that these 24" tall plants would be between 3 & 4' tall if not LST'ed. I can see $2-4k a lb, but if I can grow 1 lb per plant, I sure as hell wouldn't be renting!:)
  5. An indoor plant producing a pound would be pretty impressive.
  6. Yeah for a lb+ per plant it'd have to be some Humboldt outdoor :D

    Definitely possible though, which is the good news..
  7. I told my whole family, and my mom has been very interested because she is a gardener and I have given her several growing tips that have made her roses and cactus go crazy! Now mom's pushing me to become a horticulturalist. However, they are refusing to come into the house. I told them there is nothing to worry about, but my dad said "Well, what if the police come and we're in your house?" I told him that 1) PD has no right to mess with me once I produce my recommendation and 2) IF I'm raided, being on the property is enough to detain them. They decideed to continue visiting, but still refuse to come in. My mom said she wants to come check out my op when dad is working. I said, let's BBQ and she said no. It's pretty interesting that since I have come out of the smoking closet that I have a strained relationship with MY family, but my in-laws have no problem with it.
  8. EXTREMELY impressive. If I could get a pound per plant indoors, my name would probably be Jorge:D Cervantes! Actually, probably even bigger than Jorge!
  9. icwatudidthar
  10. I just looked for 5 minutes and dont see what he did? what is it
  11. Yeah i started a grow at the house im renting from my parents. Hell i could give my grandma some good gardening tips too! lol Im in a sketchy part of town and my parents are afraid of me getting robbed and possibly home invasioned (just happened to some guy a couple towns over). I can understand where they are coming from and I have my MMJ card. Hopefully laws on MJ change soon or at least people should stop being thieves.

    Also my parents are the typical white conservatives, but they have become use to my 'pot smoking.' They probably figure if their kid would start growing MJ after being raised by them, then the chances of other ppl growing is just as good no matter the background they come from.

    Strained as in a MJ strain.
  12. i think he is high, there is nothing done there haha
  13. damn thats fucked.. they think a half oz is worth $2-4000??? that shits fucked up ...

  14. /slowww

  15. He used the word 'strain' as a pun to mean a marijuana strain.
  16. i REALLY don't think he did it on purpose. But I could just be blowing smoke...
  17. How much does an indoor plant normally produce if you didn't put it through LST? I always thought you could get atleast a QP from a single plant, if not more.
  18. Yeah me neither just a coincidence.

    Ive never grown indoor but only a couple of ounces, perhaps 2-6 at most.
  19. Yield is a function of many things. If you grow big enough bushes, under enough light, you CAN ABSOLUTELY get 1lb / plant via LST. Think two bean-bag size plants (before flower) under 3x600watt ... I mean no disrespect, but if you're getting less than one OZ/plant via LST, something doesn't add up.
  20. Yeah, I'm just finishing my first grow and I'm fairly pleased. The quality appears to be pretty good, but I sure wish I had a better yield. I'm pretty sure that I'm looking at between 1/2 & 3/4oz/plant. I wish I was pulling a QP per plant, but even at that, you would be hard-pressed to get a return on investment of $2-4000 per plant. I'm hoping that I pull an oz per plant on this second run. I'm changing a couple things and hopefully it pays off. I vegged 4 weeks from clone and then flowered. If not LST'd they would be between 3 & 4' tall. I know that I could've gotten a better yield, but I still won't complain if I've got the quality I'm looking for.

    It was just a total trip having him in the room. I guess times they are a'changin'!

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