I just fucked hottest girl Ive ever seen

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheBlade, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Ok, well today has been a wonderful day/night.
    Today, I was picking up a half O of some mids from some guy I usually get a hook-up from. Well I get over there and pay 120, and I get chronic like serious fucking chronic. Well that went on, and I decided to go to a friend of both of ours house. There was some alcohol and I see this most amazing blonde with green eyes. She looked like she was 19 mabye, but she said she was 22. Well we start talking about things and one thing lead to another and a few drinks. She got kinda tipsy, and I was feelin a bit sober but still kinda horny. Well we head back to my place, at about 6 and we been banging sense then and its 9 48 im physically and mentally drained. Its been the most amazing night in my life, and she loves to toke. Mabye shes the one? IDK but shes so fucking hot.
    Idk if this will be moved but that is fine. Anyone who wants details just hollla:smoke:
  2. Lol, i probably shouldnt have posted this but GC is like my family. My anonymous loving family of many people :smoke: I love you guys
  3. Reminds me of this asian chick who barely spoke english, and I showed her the wonders of alcohol...and american dick.
  4. sounds like a sweet ass day :cool::smoke:
    hope u used a rubber tho
  5. lmfao....anyone who wants details holla huh?? lol...wow

    so u been hittin it for about 3 hrs and decide to sneak off to GC.com to post abt it before she is ready to go one more time lol???
  6. No she left like 10 mins before I posted. Yea I was saying like more detail on her body, face, what we did. We stopped twice for smoke break, and no i didnt use a rubber. :rolleyes:
    Edit: this thread was kinda like to bring up everyones stories about the hottest girl they slept with, mine just happend to be tonight.
  7. You made AIDS babies.
  8. I hope to god not, but it was worth it :D
  9. pics or it didn't happen:p
  10. OMG, I can get the ganja pics. I hope I can get a pic of her to post on here mabye one day, I hope she calls me, or answers my calls on another day :)
  11. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. Well this is really weak of yall, you cant even congradulate me on a grand score.. Appreciate it guys for saying nothing worth while, not even about the pot or anything. You shouldnt have just posted stupid shit on my thread just to get another number on your posts. :mad:
  13. congrads...and about her being "maybe THE ONE" i hope not...prolly not her first one night stand....hoped you used a condom though man!!
  14. holy shit son, your avatar, username, title and LOCATION are all so fucking awesome. braavvvvo
  15. Ive talked to her before, its not like we just met. Shes super shy, I highly doubt she does this often she had no skills in bed. Seriously if this needs to be moved for inappropriateness thats fine.
  16. congradilationsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :hello: green eyes? hmm, interesting.
  17. ^^ OH YEAHHH!

    I want details... and pics.

    im drunk myself, but the difference between you and me is I used my hand tonight :eek:

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