I just found out within the next few hours...

Discussion in 'General' started by Bendah!, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. None of my family will be home!

    Guess what I'll be doing on the back porch with my bong in that time =D
  2. Haha, why, I have NO clue what you'd wanna do with a bong, some bud, and an empty house...

    But enjoy dude. I might pick up some yayo.
  3. I definitely won't do any smoking or anything to that effect, that just isn't cool man =(!
  4. Yeah man, don't break the law and shit. That's bad karma. Oooh, hey! I have an idea! Turn the bong into a flower vase!
  5. I'm sure my mother would love how I spruced up the back porch. Ya, definitely a good idea! None of that getting high nonsense need apply here ;D
  6. Getting high's for losers. Glad you're not into bongin it while your parents aren't home... :metal: :yay: :smoke: :smoking:
  7. hahahah right on man

    i did that same shit this morning, it was my day off and no one was home hah
  8. I just feel so happy inside when these little opportunities knock!
  9. haha I hear ya homie. I miss them days.
  10. bomb diggity. tokin on your own back porch is definitely the shit, probably a top 3 smoking location. Just take it all in man.

    Did you do it? I just realized you postd this a few hours ago. You high bro?

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