I just found a ophaned bunny and I need some help.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SereneSmoker, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. Well, on the way home I found a baby bunny, and after like 10 minutes of searching I found it\'s dead mother, and I didnt have the heart to leave it there, so the question is how do I take care of it, like what would it eat.
  2. take it to a pet store or animal shelter, they\'ll give u advice
  3. Thanks, man as soon as my ride gets here.
  4. Thats cool.... I took care of 3 bunnies for about 3 weeks. I found their hole right in the middle of our lawn. (found it when one of them shot out from under the tractor :( ) But the three that I took care of still hang around here, so I guess theres no hard feelings! ;)
  5. Lol, that is trippy man, I wonder if it would be safe to get the lil sucker high or not, or should I wait till it is a bit older, hell I dont even know what it\'s sex is?
  6. awwww, just give the little guy some carrots and some lettuce and some water. what kind of bunny do you think it is? some get pretty big........good luck;)

    p.s. don\'t get the little guy high lol. well just don\'t hold the poor thing down and blow the shit in his face. if he\'s around, let him have a little sniff here and there;)
  7. I\'d pawn that shit. My friend has rabbits and they are boring crap machines.
  8. Are they still being bottle fed. If so becareful on how much you feed them I made the mistake of taking care of orphaned bunnies and feeding them as I would a dog or cat. The mother only feeds them usually once a day, otherwise there lungs will generally fill with fluid and the will inebidably get pnuemonia and die. Good luck :)
  9. kool few years back i hit a nest by accident with the lawn mower there were 6 baby bunnies there i raised em till full grown bout12 weeks 5 of em surviced jus the one i hit died :( poor baby ne hoo they have feed for rabbits at the pet store or feed mill if its real young it will probly hafta be soaked but lotsa greens too apples carrots almost anything thats grown naturally they will eat
    good luck!!!
    toke on :smoke:
  10. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Throw it in the oven and lock the door. Leave it in for about an hour or two. Serves up to 3-4.
  11. Thanks, all the rabbit is doing good, and happy 4/20 all my wonderful blades, so peace I got some bud to smoke, and a batch of green dragon to take care off.
  12. reminds me of when i managed to save 2 of 6 blind baby wabbits from angry farmers.
  13. they like eating young cannabis plants. :( Damn rabbits in the woods in my back yard.

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