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Discussion in 'General' started by Fractal, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. It started off as a jam, then I made a beat, then some other stuff followed through. I personally think its really cool, but it's like the 5th song I've tried to make, and only the 2nd or something where I could actually get the parts to line up, so maybe Im just excited.

    Im not gonna make excuses, but I only did the solo part once, and then got too lazy to redo it tighter, so if that part gets a little long, especially in the middle, I feel ya.
    Anyways, I hope you like it.


    (it might only work to right click and "save target as," i dont know why, but thats all that worked for me when i tested)
  2. I'll listen to that in a second, but i needed to ask, did you happen to make your avatar in GIMP???......i just downloaded that the other day and was fucking around with it today......fun shit......

    EDIT: I opened it in a new tab, it works fine for me.....i'm using firefox BTW, idk why its not working for you.....But i fucking love it! hella kick ass, i wish i could play the guitar with a pick....im too used to playing the bass lol i HAVE to use my fingers or else i dunno which string im hitting lol.....


    i hope you dont mind if i take it and try to make a bass line that would go with it?? i'll be sure to show you the finished product :p
  3. oh baby, i would love that, im just pumped to hear somone liked it. after it was all done i kinda thought it could use some bass, but i didnt want to fuck it up cause i have to go note by note with fruityloops and thats hard.

    anyways ya, do it up man, and i defenitaly wanna hear it with some bass.

    edit: forgot to answer your question, i actually got this off the wikipedia article on "fractals" haha, but after that i downloaded something called apophysis, and it created some crazy stuff for me, prolly similar to gimp.
  4. For sure. I know how it feels to have someone like what you've come up with hahaha. It may take awhile to come up with something and to get it on my comp, i haven't used my Mic in years hahaha and idk where it went, plus i gotta get a recording program on here.....Know any basic free one's i could use? or something that will let me edit that with the trial??

    And i'll try to come up with something before this weekend guess one of my old friends from santa cruz is gonna be staying at my house and she's gonna be bringing like 10-15 hits of some one hit kill 'cid:yummy: :D :hippie: and one of my friends at safeway said she could get me liquor of my choice for $1, i guess she pretends to card me, and then lowers the price hahaha so i'm gonna be going there and buying a handle of cpt. morgan, a handle of stoli, a 1/5 of cpt morgans tattoo, a 1/5 of bailey's, a 1/5 of kahlua, and a 1/5th of franglico :D Gonna be a good weekend!!!


    P.S. I've never heard of that program, but GIMP is like a free version of photoshop, but i personally like it better, has more stuff like airbrush, and some other random effects that photoshop doesn't...
  5. love or hate, i wanna hear some mroe comments.

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