I just finished building my indoor tent + light, some questions tho

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    I had successfully germinated 2 skunk White Ice seeds (I don't know yet if male or female) for my wife's Crohns Disease issue.

    I bought ($1K) worth of stuff today including a hybrid / combined lighting Metal Halide (MH) & High Pressure Sodium (HPS), air intake, etc.. the whole deal..

    Here are a couple of photos of the setup in a dedicated room in our flat.




    The "mini" plants were in plastic cups for 2 weeks, reached about 4 inches i guess, and now I moved them from the cups to 1.5 liter containers.

    Soon I will start fertilizing only the roots.

    My questions are:

    a) How does my setup look? Took me 3 hours to build that thing :)
    b) What is the correct humidity that should be inside? Current is 56%
    c) What is the correct temperature that should be in there? Current is 26 celsius

    I setup a timer to have the lights on 18 hours and off 6 hours (they are off at the hottest time of the day 10am - 4pm).

    So far, did I do all right? I really don't wanna screw this up!

    Thanks Mates!
  2. Lookin good man.... I would get that oscillating fan pointing from the ground up though... you are pushing the hot air away from the fan and towards the plants....

    keep the humidity up during veg(80s) and down during flower (50 or below).... I run 50-60 all the time and have not had any problems.

    Most people only fertilize the roots....occasionally spray with epson salt if they are showing mg deficiency. but foliar fertilizing confuses the plant

    Good luck man, insurance should be paying for your setup!!!

    edit: I hope she is taking a lot of B12 and probiotics for her chrohns. GL with that man!

    and also make sure you are reading the temps from the canopy level..
  3. Thanks for the feedback :)

    I don't know how to raise the humidity though..
    I couldn't find it in any guide either
  4. You should be good where you are at... but you can always either just buy a humidifier, theyre cheap, or hang went wash clothes or put bowls of water on the floor....
  5. If you don't have a humidifier just put in a bucket of warm water in the morning ... not very high tech but it works :wave:
  6. ok, I wonder why the store didn't offer me a humidifier, I'll buy one tomorrow.
    About the fan - should I place it on the bottom of the tent facing upwards towards the plants?
  7. I am kind of worried since it's a 250 watt bulb, 26 celsius inside, and 49% humidity. How would I lower the temp? another fan? placing the fan closer to the plants?
  8. the fan that blows bottom up is a good start.... then the extraction fan that you have on top of the tent looks big enough to suck out enough air to cope with the temps.... unless your room temperature is sky high of course....
  9. you referred to your fan as an air intake.... the inline fan you have at the top is pulling hot air out right??

  10. Hey Buddz,

    Take a look at the way I set up the fan (as you suggested - from the bottom upwards)


    Which scenario is better? A or B? A's air is hitting the plants hard, B is from downwards as you said, softly breezing on the plants keeping them cool.


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