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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Right- I haven't smoked pot in ages. I joined the city about a year or so ago when pot was a novellty. I've stopped smoking pot as much and hardly ever smoke- I'm not obsessed with it and I don't live life thinking about the herb as much as you people do. BUt I still come here. HAHA I think I am in love with this forum.... I just come cos I like the people haha... how about that. Not really pot mad but you guys are great... ah carlsberg- the greatest of all lagers...
  2. You kick ass, Switch!!!!!!!!
  3. Thankyou RMJL- you also kick much arse...
  4. you have indeed grown on me as well there switch
  5. thanks norm... Shit we could become the next cheers!- WE EVEN HAVE A NORM!!!

    Think about it... everybody sort of knows your name but can never quite remember it cos they are too fucked...
  6. HAHAHAHA...SO TRUE...although i dont think i resemble george wendt at all...but hell..hes funny!..
  8. haha..i think id be more like woody harelson
  9. i don't really smoke much anymore, but its because of limited cash and my towns dry, even if i quit smoking all together i'd probably still come here all the time, i spend a lot of time here when i'm depressed, it helps to keep me from going crazy.

    woody harelson's kick ass
  10. the funny thing is that Ice cream man does- in some twisted way look like frasier- ok... I suppose you have all figured this out and I am stating the obvious..
  11. I actually never noticed the resemblance... and thought it was PeeWee Herman at first, or something!

    Switch we love ya man, sober or not! Fact of the matter is, if I quit smoking I'd probably hang here too. The people are just too... amazingly cool :) it makes me feel less dorky lol
  12. you... dorky? HAHA!!!
  13. Ganja is the SuperDork! I'm one step down from that although sometimes I think I'm much dorkier than she is. Then, she will post something and I don't think that so much anymore.

    Ganjaphish and I are going to have to get together and outdork each other for the title. (Outdork!!!! I am so high and think that's funnier than it will be an hour from now.)

    Oh, what's the topic again? Oh, yeah, Switch is GREAT!!!!!
  14. I'd like to be the big Wooden chief that stands by the door....that way i'd be in the pub 24/7....that would be cool.....Peace out.....Sid
  15. yer but on the downside you would be an inanimate object- therefore taking the fun out of being in a pub...
  16. Yeah but i could be like that chick in Manaquin and come to life when the place shuts..lol....Peace out.....Sid

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