I just dropped a tab for the frist time

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  1. =D. I am in a good mood. 3 hours till my dads home 5 for my mom. I kept my cool talking to them on DMT so I figure acid wont be that bad. Im stoked. also does acid make you puke heavily? I havent found much info on that. I wont have to drive till 9 or 10 its 4 now so thats stright right? I just hope I didnt get an RC. I got 5 tabs left. Ill probably post pics if anyone is intrested. I just am worried about the flash wrecking the potency.
  2. Also I got it stored in tin foil in a ziplock bag. Is that good or should i hide it in my freezer too?
  3. Foil ina bag ina jar is how I keep mine, you will know if its LSD if you come up <1 hour and the trip lasts for 6-12 hours not like 20. I just dropped some sugar cubes while skating in Berkeley and had a great time, next week I plan on candyflipping hard with some molly I have.
  4. Hell yeah man. Im starting to get minor visuals. My fingers feel numbish. My head feels very racey and I feel like im very hyper and hellah high on herb but I havent smoked today yet. Like im very gigggly. The tab didnt have much of a chemical taste witch I heard is good. Im thinking about takeing one more. I also wanna try candy flipping dude. I can get molly 70 a gram from this same connect...but Im not sure if thats a good deal or not.
  5. $70 a gram is good. You talking about molly right? If so buy it.
  6. how the hell did you talk to your parents on dmt? how did you remember?
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    I dont know man. They told me I looked stoned as all fuck. I quickly told them I smoked high potency bud... I rember bits and peices from that day. Like thinking the tea was bunk and driveing. Then throwing up all over my van. haha. I was so happy that day though. I just rember being ehourpic as shit from it and listeing to the white album on a record player. oh and haveing a huge long talk with my dad about life =D I enjoyed that the most I think my dads a pretty out there guy. stright up told me acid is somehting everyone should experinc.e

    oh and yeah he told me I could try some molly before I buy. so Imma give it a whrill and see what happens

    [​IMG] a pic of the tab on my tounge lol
  8. Nice picture ^. Hope you have a great time, man! I can't get any cid where I'm at. :(
  9. Ha nice picture, man you shoulda took like 2-3!! Hope you have a good trip though

    Dude defiantly smoke some weed, trust me!
  10. Haha hel yeah dude. Im still fuckin trippin hard. Sat in the strobe light for like 4 hours and had crazy visuals. I still got 2 tabs Ive took 3 myself now. Freinds came and got some too and now were tripping its fuckin great dude. and best of all my dealer traded me good nugs for a tab =D =D =D. cuz acids hard to get here. im debateing upping it to 4 soon. This is the most amazing drug on earth. smokeing weed was a fuckkkin good call :smoking:
  11. Hell ya, Have fun.. wish i could find some quality cid around here
  12. Haha glad your enjoying/ed it!
  13. Sounds like LSD, 70 a gram for molly is a good deal most people get it for 100-200 but I just got hooked up on a gram of fire molly for 20 dollars:devious:
  14. Hell yeah I really want that molly. but I also want a ten strip of acid ahhhhh choices.. I am fuckin happppppy his prices seemed to good to be true at frist man. 70 bucks for ten hits is helllah good for cid right?
  15. 70 bucks is pretty good for a ten strip. I would even say the gram of molly for 70 is a better deal tho, and if you haven't candyflipped you have to try it.
  16. haha. Maybe Ill see if I can get like 5 tabs and half a gram for 70$ and have a fun ass weekend. :p. Whats the best way to take pure molly? just like put a point into a jelcap? Ive only rolled a few times from pressed pills and never tested them so I cant even be totttally sure it was MDA ... I know one was a meth bomb ick.
  17. 10 strip in orlando goes for 50-70. Most people I know won't pay that. Cheap bastards
  18. Haha damn how'd you end up having to talk to your parents on DMT...its only like a 15 minute trip right?
  19. no it can also be like a 6 hour trip if u make tea from it
  20. candy flipping is awesome just make sure you trippin for like 2 hours before u take the molly...wrap some in a little peice of toilet paper and swallow that or blow it..but that kinda burns..then blast some crazy beats and drift away bro:D

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