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I just don't understand

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by att259, May 11, 2010.

  1. The pursuit of profit

  2. And of Happyness :))

  3. That is everyone's reaction after that movie pretty much.

    The pharmaceutical companies are on the government payroll. Why would they profit from a plant that anyone could grow?

    Prohibition has actually made it EASIER for kids to get weed, because it's such a high demand product. If we regulate it and tax it like we do alcohol and cigarettes, we would still have this problem, but not nearly as bad.

    And it's our tax dollars at work whenever someone is arrested for it. We spend billions of dollars fighting the black market, when it will disappear almost overnight if we just make it commercially available.

    The government does not want something they can't profit off of in the hands of the people, so they profit off it's legal status.

  4. My thoughts exactly.

    Nice McKenna quote too, by the by. :)
  5. Just be glad you don't live in the Bible belt. Down here, everyone, and by everyone I mean most adults, see marijuana as addicting and horrible as "Hard" drugs. Drugs like Meth, Heroine. I try to explain that alcohol is worse, both for you and what it does to you. But hey, what can ya do? I'd rather be a "lazy pothead" than a raging alcoholic any day.
  6. Think about all the uses for marijuana and hemp...

    There are tons of corporations that fill the uses of what hemp and mj can do. They, along with dealers, dispensaries, extreme ignorant and extreme religious refuse to legalize anything that'll hurt their bottom line.

    The only way to legalize is to change the stereotype, educate, and get the 18-21 year olds to VOTE.

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