I just don't know

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by bkadoctaj, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I'm going to come straight out and say it. Anyone else want to confess?
  2. What do you mean, "I just don't know"?

  3. How can I truly know anything? Heck how can I even know the limits of my knowledge?

    Enigma of enigmas, gateway of all subtleties... the infinite void that is knowledge.
  4. Yeah like I'm always thinking... whoa where did the universe come from? Where is anything? That kind of stuff

  5. Do you ever think "why am I thinking?"
  6. Yeah, and sometimes I wish I could just stop thinking about that kind of stuff. Like how can anything possibly exist? How do I know this is real? I don't know, I feel gay typing this :(.

  7. Well, I hope you don't offend someone who identifies as gay with that feeling. :) Awareness is the key, but sometimes what we're aware of is a lack of words being necessary.

    Oh shit, did I just use words to allude to that? :p
  8. haha yeah my bad there man. :(
  9. i think so much and i know i just dont know. quite a paradox
  10. I confess, with a few exceptions

  11. Let's hear them. No one's out to get you (specifically, at least). :p
  12. If you are sure that you don't know, then you know that you don't know, which is a contradiction. So you can't be sure that you don't know. Which means you must admit that it's at least possible that you do, in fact, know.

    :D sorry

  13. Who's denying that's possible? All I hear is you wanting to be right.
  14. Well, the problem is, what exactly do you mean when you say "I just don't know." It seems that if you mean anything at all, you end up contradicting yourself. If you don't mean anything at all, then why are we even talking about it? And why'd you write it?

  15. "Overthinking, overanalyzing... separates my body from my mind"
    - Tool

    All for the sake of endless simplicity, we take the circular route, again and again.
  16. First of all I know full well that I don't and never will know

    I know what I know

    I know that I know of the concept of knowing (Even if i am unable to understand what knowing really is)

    I also know how ridiculous a 'Kn' looks in a word.

  17. Hmm... do you "know" what "knowing" is?
  18. No, which is why I said I do not understand it. Not understanding something comes from not having 'knowledge'
  19. Ah... so maybe you really just "understand" you don't know anything. Doesn't mean you know it enough to stop trying to know more, right? ;)

    Look I used to take acid too.
  20. I guess all I can say is I don't know :p

    I'll just leave it with the original 'I confess'

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