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I Just Do Not Give a F%$# Anymore

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chewySpark, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. im just gonna vent,if you read it :hello: if you read it and reply :wave: :poke: :smoke::smoke:

    I started smoking 7 years ago. I dont think age matters here (i am of age) i say ones maturity should be judged by how he carries himself not numbers.

    my mother kicked me out my house when i was 16, 3years later I have a good paying stable job, my ged, my own car and my mother now lives in MY apartment... karmas a b11tch (idk if i can curse?)

    anyways she still trips about me smoking( If you dont catch me stoned,call 911 like she likes to say lol) like nobody knew i even smoked at my apartment complex before she moved in then one day she caught in one of my "lemme stay home,blaaaaze and eat wtf i want (i buy my groceries) moods" she goes OFF on me. Now everybody come for me for weed...bittersweet :D

    deeper into the abyss..

    i basically live to get my parents,scratch that my moms approval/love she a cold hearted woman. she the type of person to dissapprove anything i do. everyday she WILL FIND a reason to start a fight with me. the only way i can keep my mouth shut is being high it helps me escape all the worlds bullshit(political,economic, life problems,and also the fact that we have plenty of everything and yet there are starving human being in this world) and my personal life outside of my family life.

    "Mary Jane Keeps Me Sane In This Insane World"

    My family sees me as an addict,, i did have my lil episode with everything under the sun when i first got kicked out but depression and being young will do that too ya haha. I went to everyone when i got kicked out everyone had a different excuse why they couldnt help.

    I dropped out of school started gettin in with the wrong crowd i.e. the hood and started doing illegal activities. i went to jail (further killing my image to my family) i did my time and got out and i was homeless,couch surfing again.

    That was a year ago...

    Now im doing well for myself and everyone in my family is struggling...karma anyone?

    I cant hold any grudge, theres two things i spread: positive energy and contact highs lol. Any who i helped everyone and as soon as i handle their problems everything goes back to the

    They drink smoke cigs and some beat their wives, disown their kids for another womans and they have the nerve to judge me and talk down on me ?????????

    PLease soomeone help me understand this!!

    All i want is to help heal mother earth, help anyone who is without basic necessities,have my own business, travel the world providing psychiatritic help to anybody who wants it ,all while documenting it thru my film and digital that too much too ask?

    anyone in a similar pickle?

    thank you for your eyes and time

    Im baked off my ass ahha

  2. Idk about you, but i would HAVE to tell my mom to stifle her tounge over me smoking if she was staying in MY apartment, they always pulled out " my house my rules" when we were kids after all
  3. lifes a bitch and then we die, thats why we get high, cause you never know when your gonna go
  4. kick her out lol
  5. All there really is to say is that most people forget the nice things you did for them awful quickly. They don't appreciate it, next time they ask tell them to f-off
  6. i cant tho thats moms...feel me

    its not even the trippin bout weed ive dealtt with that for years aint shit she can say anymore

    its just how the fuck can you be so fucked up to your own bloood after i helped em out JUST cuz i smoke weed tho
  7. Age is to be measured by ability to type coherent sentences.
  8. [quote name='"chewySpark"']i cant tho thats moms...feel me

    its not even the trippin bout weed ive dealtt with that for years aint shit she can say anymore

    its just how the fuck can you be so fucked up to your own bloood after i helped em out JUST cuz i smoke weed tho[/quote]

    My mom talks down on my uncle because he smokes and blames all his problems on weed. I call bullshit everytime and say he's just lazy and will get ahead someday. My mom used to smoke but when she had me she quit. Fucked up how she talks so much shit about me and my uncle about smoking. But family is family, I got enough love to go around ^_^
  9. Sounds like you still give fucks every day.
    Tell her to either deal with it or get the fuck out.
  10. Did you used to smoke in her house when she asked you not to? If not, remind her that you followed the rules of her house, and now she's in your house so she better straighten up and follow the rules :):)

    Dude, you sound like you're doing really good. You said you had some problems with other drugs? I did too, so I know that us sticking with weed is a GOOD thing. You should be proud of yourself for fixing your life and supporting yourself at such a young age.

    You really do sound like a good kid. If your mom isn't proud (I mean, you're fucking sheltering her!) it's her mental problem, not yours, and you're gonna have to recognize that, deal with your feelings, and move on. Which is easier said than done.

    Rep for you, man.
  11. eh, move on and stay on the right path. was kicked out on my 18th birthday (dad was dead and social security stopped for me when i hit 18) had a job and got an apartment the same day. she was a real fucking witch. anyhow best thing i did was work extra hard at my job and move up. ended up being the highest paid worker in the fab shop when i quit. spent about 10 years there.

    now i'm an old man lol, 57 working an easy job doing data entry. accentuate the positive and use your grey matter. focus on the good things in life and pass on the bullshit that floats past. just my 2 cents.

    oh yeah, found out last night my second grandchild is on the way. hope its a boy. need someone to take fishing :smoke:
  12. Sit her down and watch the union and how weed won the west. Should help
  13. Just get your mom high and she will stfu
  14. Slap the bitch... JK She will get you thrown in jail. I would let her know that if she keeps bitching, she's gonna be bitching on the streets (And add in "Life's tough, Deal with it.")
  15. you remind me of my pops he ran an extremely successful resturant and did really well for himself besides his dad dieing and his mother and his wife ran out on him leaving him with 2 kids one of them my dad, hes got so much to talk about so much life stories and i love listening to him, fortunatly i had the chance to smoke with him when i was in new york working with my uncle such an awesome experience he loves me cause i am his first grandchild haha when i was born he told my momma it would be cool if u named him after me but she didnt wish i was haha Love my pops
  16. No good deed goes unpunished. Part of life in this shit world we live in. Unfortunately, there isn't really anything you can do to change how others think and feel, even family members. Just keep doing what you do and what makes you happy and maybe your family will fall through and see that you are truly a good person.

    And I know this is not the answer you want, but it's the only one I know of (been through all this before).

    Just know that even if they do rag on you for what you do/have done, they still love you and are probably just treating you poorly because they don't want to see you doing what they believe is wrong.

    Anyways, I hope this helped.

  17. I feel you man, my family looked down on me ever since they found I smoke the herb like I'm some kind of sinister creature (wtf) I'm still a good citizen it shouldn't matter in the first place but I stopped giving a shit all together, I'm just focused on getting my education, a great job and moving to a chill, open minded, stable environment where they don't discriminate. Anyways, OP getting do you know and don't let nobody get you down in the dumps strive for success and stay chill. One Love.

  18. if i was writing a college essaay or any other important document i would type/speak/whatever the fuck good english but on the interwebz IDONTGIVEA FUCK

    and i stopped giving a fuck what my fam thinks a long time ago when i was homeless and they had an excuse as to why they couldnt help me.

    I was just venting cuz well im high and i can lol

    and thanks for all the replies :D
  19. chewy it sounds like your a genuine person even after going through some shitty shit(i was kicked out at that age for weed):( i still have issues with my dad because hes a nice guy and all but him and my step mom i feel ruined my high school childhood when they kicked me out(i had to move etc. etc..... now i have my GED and going to college) After reading this man all i can say is thank you, the world needs more good spirits walking around like you bro:wave:

  20. why does everyone say "watch the union with them" when someone asks for help convincing someone weed isnt bad? If they were raised to believe the marijuana was bad then its going to be hard to go and change what they grew up believeing was wrong. Watching the union with a person like that isnt fun, any person against weed will instantly think that the union is pro pot propaganda. Until they try smoking weed on their own will and realize that theres nothing bad about it they will continue to think the way they were brought up

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