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i just did a mad intense workout

Discussion in 'General' started by kbubb91, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Lol, what the hell is chi?

    If Bruce Lee fought in MMA he would get fucked up.

  2. either i spelled it wrong>

    or u lost this one buddy
  3. All that chi, chakra, & TMA bullcrap stuff is just that, crap.

    Bruce Lee is overrated.

  4. lol

    u lose:cool:

    chi ftw
  5. [ame=]‪true power of shaolin kung fu‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  6. ok? should i rename the thread bruce lee lovers and trolls. cause i thought the gist of the thread was supplement, protein, etc to help make your workout easier and to maximize the profit
  7. my bad

    i take creatine
    and drink alot of water and fruits and veggies..

    also working out like high rep medium weight works for me

    my work out is a mix of arnold swartz
    the 300 movie routine
    what feels right for my needs.
    gotta feel it..

    and i take a dank protien for vegitarians with hemp and rice and other protiens it has maca
    and is alkaline with alot of minerals.

    water is key

    so is rest.

    here back on track
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    Buzz why do you put eggs in your oj?! That's some funky shit
  9. i like taking creatine but i found out the hard way that taking too much can cut endurance and strength cause then the muscles arent getting the proper oxygen they need when flooded.

  10. its an orange jewlius.
    i dont know how u spell it but its that store

    calls for egg whites and i was doing the dub thing and i just had to let the whole thing fly
  11. i only use creatine for recovery:cool:
  12. see I don't really like creatine because it's basically just water weight. when you stop taking it, everything you gained disappears.
  13. yeah i dont really take it unless im running a 5k or larger cause the water will help keep me hydrated

  14. na not really..

    gotta do it right.

    i look bulkier when i take it but im basicly just as strong when i dont...

    its just for recovery...

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