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I Just conjured a High-Theory

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThirtySix, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey all, Just thought about something and wanted to tell someone. First post by the way, Hello Grasscity.

    OK, so listen to these facts

    Joint - 28%
    Bong - 78%
    Vaporizer - 92%

    So I ask myself why?
    And i deduced it is directly related to the speed at which the weed burns.
    joints burn pretty fast, bongs burn slower (because your sucking through filtration devices) and vaporize release the THC much slower because its a low less hot then a lighter.

    before I get too far into this, is this not a new idea to anyone?
  2. I think you need to explain yourself a bit more, what do the %ages relate to.. I would guess the ammount of THC consumed as opposed to wasted in the 3 different methods?
  3. Yea, I saw that on MANswers too.

    It's supposed to be the amount of THC in the smoke.

    I get higher off of a bong personally. Blunts are great too.
  4. Yeah, thats right, sorry about that, hahaah

    this idea came to me on my quest to create an awesome gravity bong for myself, and i modified something and made the distance traveled by the smoke twice as long, and the part i added was not airtight, so much less pull and I think i got higher, though it may be placebo.
    So i thought of this.
  5. hmm i torch my bong, snapping an entire bowl in a few seconds... so i dunno..
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    This aint based on anything other than my thoughts but I recon smoking a joint is most wasteful because it continues to burn even when you are not toking on it. Also when you take a hit your lungs fill with loads of shit with a little bit of THC so your lungs have to absorb not just the THC but loads of other shit as well, meaning a lot of the THC vapour is blown out along with all the smoke and other chemicals in the burning vegetation, then obviously you have the waste bud that you throw at the end of the joint.

    The bong is similar to the above with regard to your lungs having to deal with loads of burning veg as well as the THC, the fact you blow out such a huge cloud of smoke indicated significant waste. However with the bong, it doesn’t burn so much when your not toking on it and you smoke the whole bowl, no waste.

    Vaping just gets the THC in your lungs so they are only working on absorbing the THC not loads of other shit and when you blow out you should really see very little… the trick to good vaping is to try to see nothing on the exhale, just take enough vape that your lungs can handle cos exhaled vape is wasted vape :)

    Basically if you don’t wanna waste your bud vape, and it is also better for your health…

    Maybe you get wrecked more off bongs cos your starving yourself of oxygen and pumpin loads of toxins in there… that said I get wasted of vaping! :)

    Edit: I aint a vape snob thou... I'll smoke anything ;)
  7. Hm, I don't think your calculations are correct. You are off by a couple % on each one. Then it shall be correct.
  8. Mmmm, youmay be onto somthing, when I toke a joint I only feel 27% THC absorbtion but maybe I'm just a freak :smoking:
  9. Okay, in theory, it goes joint>pipe>bong>vape, being that THC is quite sticky so you lose some to a pipe and bong, and also a minuscule bit to the bong water, but with a joint all the resin soaked up by the paper and weed then smoked. A vaporizer will give you a different high because it only vaporizes some cannabinoids, this is why you can make brownies with your vaped weed, and if there are significant amounts of THC being left behind (the amounts in a pipe or bong are insignificant, look at how long you need to wait to get a decent amount of resin) then you are not getting as high. In practice, joints waste weed, making them overall less effective (.5 in a bowl will translate to say .33 actually inhaled from the joint, made that up), pipes and bongs have an insignificant difference between them, and vapes just give you a totally different high due to the different profile of cannabinoids that you inhale that, while not giving you as much THC, tends to give you more of a head high and is favoured by people.

    in theory: joint>pipe>bong>vape
    in practice: pipe=bong>joint and vaping is it's own special thing

  10. actually vaping gives the most thc, with the CBDs or something like that left behind. thc = mind high, cbd = body high, hence why sativa is high thc low cbd, and indica is reversed
  11. I smoke joints.

  12. Thanks for correcting me :smoking:
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    You actually dont lose ant THC in the bong water because THC isnt water soluable.
  14. I love how when I'm high I think of something smart like this then later I realise it either doesn't make sense or it was fucking obvious already lol.
  15. So you're saying that if you have a slow burning joint it will be more effective when you inhale?
  16. If I understand what he's saying correctly, he means that if you drag on it slower it'll burn more of the THC, 'cause the faster you drag the more THC the heat loses the opportunity to release. People tend to burn the weed slower when they inhale from a bong as opposed to when they hit a joint I think.
  17. #17 ThirtySix, Aug 11, 2011
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    Yeah I'm definitely feeling that about now, hahahah :eek:

    and yeah that's exactly what i meant, maybe it has something to do with the THC binding with another compound in the oxidizing plant matter. because with my gravity bong I made, i get much less visible smoke, but much more effect from it.

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