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I just can't solve this.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carryonicarus, May 26, 2010.

  1. So since last Thursday (may 20th) I've been feeling sick after I smoke. I'll smoke on a blunt for a bit, put it out, and go to sleep. I've been doing this for years. All of a sudden when I wake up I feel the urge to puke. When it does come up it's bile. Idk what is going on. I've been smokin mids the last week, I used to smoke master kush and white widow everyday but money is a bit tight.

    So what should I do about this bile problem?
  2. this used to happen to me, i decided i was sick of it... lol

    all i did was cut down my smoking and the nausea went away completely, i dont smoke in the mornings anymore.

    and i have found that blunts make me feel sick any time of the day, sick and fatigued.

    i would feel sick especially in the mornings and puke sometimes but i quit smoking and it went away completely and i got my appetite back up.

    now it doesnt happen and i can smoke as much as i want, you should think about this, oh yeah and dont smoke blunts go with the bong man.
  3. Are you sure you're not just sick?
    Your weed may have harmful pesticides on it, maybe, maybe not.
    I dont know shit.
  4. I'd say pass on the blunts and try something glass or a vape if you can. If you feel better than it's obviously the blunts otherwise maybe Visa is right and you can just be sick. Take some Vitamin C.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's not the blunts. I have one every night before bed. I don't think I'm sick. It's like, I wake up and have that feeling, go to the bathroom, then go back to sleep for another 3 hours. The thing is when I wake up the second time I'm fine. It's just weird because this has never happened. Maybe I'm just not caught up on sleep. Hmmm. I do however want to thank all of you for the feedback.

    Like the old saying goes " stoners of a feather, stick together."

    ...or something like that. Lol.
  6. Weird.. Maybe you're pregnant.
  7. I would suggest consulting a doctor.
  8. I have read posts from people with this problem. One guy said that he found it was because of acid reflux. What have you been eating lately?
  9. Process of elimination my friend. Whatever you are doing that you might suspect, don't do it for a night, see what changes. You being sick, acid reflux, the blunt wraps themselves, the batch of weed, could be a number of things.

    Good luck with it.
  10. I get really high at night, probably the highest I get throughout the entire day, and usually go on an eating rampage and the next morning my stomach is in bad shape.

    Blunts I've never enjoyed, as they taste thick and foul but also make you stink of dope.

    I have terrible heartburn and in the morning before my wake-n-bake, I chug some water to ensure that I can take fat hits without my throat burning.

    Maybe you just live an unhealthy lifestyle (no offence) and if it's not something you are doing manually then you are probably sick and should get some rest.
  11. definitely

  12. The scary thing is I'm a guy and I've thought that. Lol

    I think it's a combo of not enough sleep and too much herb.

    I stopped eating at night, it only makes my condition a lot worse.

    I was in FL for the weekend and I smoke a 1/4 with a buddy of mine in 1 night. I ate 2 cans of chef boyarde and some doritos. I will never eat chef boyarde again.
  13. It kind of seems like you've got the symptoms of a stomach virus..
    Have you been to Mexico in the past year?
    A friend of mine was having the same symptoms as you and it turned out he was bleeding internally from a stomach bacteria he had caught in cancun...
    Does any stomach pain accompany your symptoms?
    Is there any blood in your puke?
    Just asking...
  14. Alright buddy I did a little Googling for you, this is just a copy and paste deal.

    "My daughter has the same thing. A few years back she tested positive for helicobacter pylori, which is a bacteria that will grow in acid. It flourishes around the pylorus (the area of the stomach that is the entrance to the small bowel). So it makes sense that it would be worse in the morning because all the food is gone. You throw up because this bacteria irritates the ducts in the small bowel where bile is secreted from the gall bladder (bile is yellow) and the bile has no food to digest-it makes you sick. Go to a gastroenterologist and have an EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy) and have them do a biopsy. If you don't have insurance try ranitidine (over the counter) follow the instructions on the box, pepto bismol and you need to get an antibiotic too to kill the h pylori. Your family dr might know this treatment- but a GI guy would know it better. It's best to know for sure if this is what you have before treating it and if you have diabetes or kidney problems, allergies etc. It is extremely hard to kill and comes back very easily. "

  15. yea seriously. fuck blunts. there nasty, ruin the wonderful taste of dank, there unhealthy, take forever to roll, and make you sick.
  16. once you open a blunt and let it sit out for like 30 minutes it smells rotton
  17. ^^ That's the most rediculous shit I ever heard.
  18. Ok, so I smoked some master kush out of a bong and I still have the sick feeling when I wake up. I changed weed and no blunt. WTF, I'm going to the doctor.

    Ps, it goes away when I smoke a menthol.
  19. why dont you try it lol..
  20. I got no problem with fresh blunts lol..

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