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I just can't seem to take a tolerence break.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fAKdded, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Well, I've been low on cash lately for buds. So I tell myself, Im not going to smoke for a while, I need a tolerence break, and Im dry as it is... Well I swear to you, I always end up smoking.... every single day. Haha, Somehow, I'll get smoked up, or just end up smoking a bowl! Its kind of nice, but it takes me atleast a nice bowl of dank to the head to get Stoned, My high's arent what they used to be, and they don't last as long. I was thinking about taking a break, and save up money until 4-20. It wont be a strict break, Ill probably get smoked up in the mean time, but I hope to lower my tolerence significantly.

    I also broke my pipe :( So now I have to budget Bud's and a new Pipe.

    Maybe I'll just pick up some Shrooms instead.. :hippie::confused_2:
  2. I know, Im starting to smoke a bowl and then feel normal. And when im not high, i feel high.

    I need to stop for awhile and get high like i used to.
  3. i have put a strict rule on myself, and it helps keep my tolerance at a reasonable level while still smoking every day. Rule: I'm only allowed to smoke between 4:20PM and 9PM. i break the rule pretty frequently, but I'm still totally satisfied with how low my tolerance still is, and i still get pretty baked whenever i smoke about 3/4-1 bowl of dank.
  4. Try to set a specific smoking time that you end up looking forward to. What I do on days that I have to go to work is I don't smoke until I get off work. Even though I get up hours and hours before I have to go, I don't smoke. I get off work after a 10 hour shift and when I get home that bud is looking SO GOOD.

    Also, only smoke for a small amount of time, and smoke smaller amounts. Your tolerance will naturally balance itself out. I only smoke at night. I start smoking when Adult Swim is about to start and I stop a while before I go to bed. Also get plenty of water. And not just every now and then all the time. Get as much as you can. Your system will keep itself flushed out and your tolerance will naturally get lower. And don't forget to exercise if you can. I work out 5 days a week. Does your body good.

    After doing this for a while I've noticed a big increase in my pleasure from smoking.
  5. haha i know how it is. you say you won't smoke for a day, and then you go and do other stuff instead of sit around and smoke, and someone always has weed!
  6. You have to do something with your time, honestly. JUST last week, i couldnt go a day without smoking, but after realizing what i used to do with my time made me change that. Right now ive been trying to catch up with school work(ive got 1500 words due 9 hours from now and ive just started), but i havent smoked for 5 days without a problem. The thing is, you have to fill the time you usually smoke with a hobby or something you like to do, not a bullshit filler but something YOU like to do. If you have nothing better to do then smoke, well maybe you should take this time and find it before its too late.

  7. That's pretty much the same thing I have going, besides that I cut down because it just wasn't as much fun any more, and in retrospect I was smoking more and more each week. Right now I no longer buy weed, or smoke weed by myself. At first I was planning on a strict break but I realized that I simply know too amny people that smoke weed and I would be smoked out too often, so I limit my self from smoking alone or buying weed and to preferably smoke on weekends. I found that the first 3 days were the hardest; all I could think about was "man, I could be smoking weed right now..." but it kinda feels good to have fun sober. But I also miss how casual it was to smoke and how the high was much more pleasurable as opposed to a stoned, fucked up feeling. I also cleaned my pipe so it will be epic once I start smoking weed on a regular basis.
  8. I have trouble taking a break aswell, I need to get clean to pass some DT's. Also Im basically broke at the moment.

    However I always find a way to get another bag or atleast just one more bowl, so Ive neer stopped. I haven't mad it more than like 3 days in quite a while. I just get way to bored when I haven't smoked.
  9. for me its been about 7 months since i last smoked.

    i think thats one hell of a long tolerance break. actually its mostly till i move out.
    i just feel that since it is their house it is their rules. and i respect their decision. they can think whatever they want about me smoking but thats not gonna change my thoughts about it.
  10. breaks are hard for everyone man. im the same way as you. this morning i realized i smoked everything last night. im dry. so i said "today is a good day for a mini-tollerence break" but about 3 mins ago i caught myself scraping bong resin and thinking "i know i keep some emrgancy bud somewhere." its fucked up. the first 2 days are hard... then after that my only symptom is not being ableto sleep.... it sucks...
  11. I'm guilty as well! Always seems that you start thinking about quitting right about when you run out of bud. =P

    It seems whenever I really want to smoke when I'm out, I'm usually stuck without any smoke, but when I actually decide to take a tolerence break, someone calls me up and comes over to get me ripped out of my mind. xD
  12. holy damn...most ive went without was 4 months.
  13. Yeah Im in the same boat as you guys. It takes me alot more then it used to to even feel a buzz and I get burnt so much quicker. But I think my real problem is that I smoke for free. Im just gonna cut down on the amount of j's
  14. I hear ya man. I want to try to smoke after school only on one weekday, and any time later at night though, so most of the day is sober. Also I'll probably only smoke on 1 weekend night.
  15. Key to life is everything in moderation.

    Just try to balance everything out (even if that means a break) and you'll feel much better.
  16. fAKdded, I'm so sorry to hear about your piece. (rip) Also so sad to hear about your tolerance.

    I can only agree with J Dylan and Lexus_Rolla. I seem to have a good balance from smoking in the evenings only. Good luck with everything faKdded!
  17. meh, 1500 words is a breeze. I can do that in just over an hour... depending on my knowledge of the subject.
  18. I hear that hahaha. Whenever I'm on my first day without weed for a while, I end up at some point or another in the day resorting to desperate techniques to get stoned. Once I exhaust the last resorts though, I'm fine being dry for a few days.

    One time I spent about an hour walking around my room gathering the remnants of cashed bowls from the floor that seemed like they might still have some smokable parts to them. And yes, I know. I'm lazy as shit, every day I'll cash at least one bowl on the floor of my bedroom. Yay for vacuums (sp?).
  19. Same wit me Mon, i always tell myself ill stop for a week then smoke againm, then a bud says ' i got some bud wanna come over and buy half of it or smoke it wit me" its so tempting cause my mouth waters :D ... and when u have it after school and job, u wanna smoke it so bad cause when ur high life seems to slow down ( or go fast) and just chill and not worry. i dunno but its so hard for me, i havent smoked in 5 days and i think about it so much right
  20. yea, i rememeber when 500 was a lot:rolleyes: its just abit harder when you dont care 2 shits about what your writing about:(

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