I just cant seem to get the hang of reading trichs

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  1. How does this look to you. Its a DNA golden berry. Dont they look pretty cloudy to you? but the plant looks weeks away?


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    Because lots of folks wait till they start seeing amber in there. Those are pretty BTW.
  3. "PNW Closet Grower"is right because like he said many people wait until they Amber. It is up to you when you harvest depending on what type of high you are after. I let mine Amber each time to get that couch lock feeling.
  4. what you want to see is the head of the trich go from clear to cloudy they still look clear to me now what there getting at with the amber is the amber color is the degradation of thc so when they are fully cloudy its at peak thc but the only way to know the heads are at full ripeness is to wait untill you see the degrading trichs
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    The color effects the high too it's not just thc, Clear is a racy mostly head high, cloudy is a midland high and the more amber in them the more body and couch lock you get out of it.
  6. Im not argueing that i pull mine all cloudy right before amber i leave a few in for amber but i like the upity hyper giggly high
  7. Gotcha. And silly question because theirs so many factors. Its Sat. Dom.. How many weeks do tricks like this take to turn amber. Ball park rough. 2-4 weeks, Or should I be checking every few days I guess.

    Oh and thanks alot for liking the plant. I wish i had more of her with natural light.

    This is an old pic. 1000w Aircooled hood, with two 180w LED flowering room. 5x3. Thanks for the fast responses. Best site


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  8. 7keep checking ive uad some go from all cloudy t 20 percent amber in a few days a few weeks a month it all depends on the plant it varies atleast in my situation i have yet to be able to acuratly describe exactly when they turn each color unless someone else knows i dont have that answer
  9. I get it. Its impossible to answer. To be honest shes clouding up fast so hopefully not too long. Thanks!
  10. It is hard to judge until you get your eye in. You'll always find one bit of the plant that has a few amber trichs while another part has mostly clear ones still. You have to take in the whole picture as well as the detail. That's how I see it anyway.

    Your closeup pic shows some clear, some cloudy, not a single amber. Your wide shots show clear/cloudy trichs everywhere, a couple of orange pistils spread out but mostly fresh ones. The buds look like they have more potential too, but that can be deceptive. I think if you harvest these now you'll be missing out on a bit of some yield, but also that the high will be very raw, very jittery in the brain.

    When orange trichs start to show they stand out really clearly against the frosty ones, so it seems like there are a lot of them but actually compared to zillions of semi-transparent ones they are only a few percent. That extra bit of maturation can make the high much nicer though, and it doesn't necessarily happen overnight in a big rush.

    Sativas can take a long time to mature, some of those weeds can take 14 weeks! The seedbank time is usually a good guide, but each plant is ususally slightly different
  11. It varies by genetics not every Sativa Dom finishes at the same rate. I would take it week by week until you get your desired product.
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    Yes, go based on the Seedbank time. Usually people argue if to follow that as a guide or not. I have done multiple grows and she always finishes when they say. Maybe just my luck though.
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    Cool. Well Its only day 50 from the actual flip... So.. Its two weeks shy of that. But normally i count when I see pistils. Well see! Ill keep this updated with shots as weeks go by.

    Last thing i need is the jitters, ill go 30% amber as I have bad anxiety.

  14. Wowzers medicalmonster that's a beautiful plant looks killer !

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  15. Also your macro shot appears to be a leaf. Sometimes the trichs on the leaf can be deceiving. IME they can turn amber earlier than the trichs on the actual buds do. I always stress about when to harvest but when its almost ready I will cut a branch so I can inspect the bud closely and not under the yellow HPS light.
  16. Might as well use this as a experiential learning opportunity and clip a bud, take really good pics of the trichs, dry and cure it, then compare that with the ones you harvest later.
  17. Im too freaking ready for this harvest man. Thats my problem. Lol. Gooooooo natureeeeeee!! [​IMG]

  18. be patient, that plant isnt done yet and it almost always takes longer than what the breeder says
  19. I've seen and heard of people harvesting there plant in sections like picking ripe tomatoes from a plant.. Could be something to look into

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    Damn A guy. Good idea, Ill clip one thats been in the hps hot spot. Its really a small dense nug. Ill compare to a harvest in two weeks

    I know.. My heads look like theyll be done soon. But i just spread that bitch out like no ones business. So lights getting everywhere now.. Here. one sec.


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