I just can't seem to get cloning down. Any advice (details inside)

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  1. I'm on my second round of cloning, and while frustrating I'm determined to crack this wide open!

    Here's my setup:

    - rapid rooters

    -cloning dome with heat pad

    -inside a grow tent

    -two LED 300W grow lights about 10" above (these ones )

    -cloning gel and rooting serum

    I followed the steps meticulously. I had my entire setup ready to go (water with perfect PH, new razors, clean equipment and cutting table, etc.) When cutting from the mother plant I put the cuts directly into water, then prepped the rapid rooter with a pre-soak, scraped away some of the skin on the cut to help the roots, dipped them in cloning gel, then right into the rooter and into the tray. I also have about a quarter inch of water in the tray.

    From there the entire dome has been inside the tent on a 18/6 light cycle. I have the heating mat go on when the lights go out to keep the temperature in the 75-80 range, and humidity has been between 75-95 depending on time of day, if the lights are on, etc.

    I'm also spraying them once or twice per day lightly, depending on the humidity. If humidity is in the 90s I don't spray. My dome is almost completely closed with a few small cracks open.

    Here's the problem - while today is only day 4, over the past 24-hours I have noticed that the humidity is dropping and the water spots on my dome are starting to dry up. Also, this morning a few of the plants had their leaves turning yellow and drying up. I took one out of the tray and it separated from the rapid rooter immediately. I decided to pull it out completely (knowing I'd be tossing this clone out) and there isn't even a hint of roots. Matter of fact, the bottom looked brown (but that could be from the rapid rooter).

    I'm not sure what to do. I think I might try moving the clones further away from the lights today, and possibly taking off the top of the dome? I'm also worried that I soaked my rapid rooters too much, as they're still pretty damp and from everything I read that's likely my biggest problem.

    I'm not going to quit! But, I do need to figure out my system that works. Any help or advice would be great.

    EDIT: Anything I can do to save my current clones? Most of them are still upright and it looks like only a few are drying out. I was considering taking them all out, squeezing some of the water out of the rapid rooters, and then continuing on like this to see what happens.
  2. [​IMG]
    Smoking hot and dry here.
    After watching tray after tray of larger cuts shrivel and die I started making very small starts, Just 3 fingers of stem and a thumb sized fan leaf.

    Lots of cuts.
    The 9 pack plastic trays hold the rock wool cubes up just enough I can flood the base tray and not have the cubes suck up extra water.
    And even more. :)

    Takes this set up 3 weeks to have good rooted clones. I'll get about an 80% success rate.

    If this works in the very hot, very low humidity I have to work with it'll work anywhere.

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  3. hey there,


    This ^ is a thread I made when I was learning to clone.

    I highly suggest making a DIY bubble cloner. its super simple, super cheap, and I've personally had 99% success rate on cloning since making this thing. I don't use a humidity dome. just stick the bubble bucket under a light. fluorescents work great. I've been using a cheap 100$ blurple.

    the plants can be taken straight from the cloner and planted into whatever medium you want. hydro or soil. after about 10 days

    no rooting hormone, no humidity dome(I do put a humidifier next to them just for good measure now), never sprayed them with water. just put them in the cloner, with a 18/6 light timer. and 10 days later, all of them are happy and rooted.

    hope this helps. good luck.

    any questions on how to make the cloner/the nutrient mix I use for clones let me know.

    @BrassNwood knows his stuff. and has been a huge help to me on many occasions. thanks again BnW! :D

    20190722_150653.jpg 20190714_171141.jpg
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  4. Sorry to hear that.

    I ghetto clone after trying just about everything.

    I take my clones from the bottom of the plant. I actually just use a kitchen knife to cut them off and make an angular cut. I slice up the stem a bit and scrape a little skin off at the bottom of the clone. I stick them in peat pucks, put them in my homemade dome and give them a spritz of water here and there. I cover the dome with a towel.

    I’m honestly at about 95% and end up with waaaay too many plants for my area. I just sit the extras outside.

    I wouldn’t suggest this unless you know what you’re doing and have been doing it awhile. The wife came in and asked why her favorite kitchen knife was in p room lol I said it helps grow your weed. She was fine with me having it then ;-)
  5. 100% cloning rates in a cloner machine. Takes 7-10 days as @JKill said. I spent years using traditional methods, but no more. Cloner was worth it.
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  6. Thanks everyone! I'm going to save up for a cloning machine as that seems to be the best bet. In the meantime, I'm going to continue trying to make Clones work with my current setup.
  7. I hate rapid rooters, worthless.

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  8. So I just saw this product and think I'll get it, but I do have a few questions if you don't mind?

    What light timing do you use? Are you 24/0 or 16/8?
    Also, where to you keep your humidity range and temperature at?

    Thanks! :)
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  9. I would suggest just making one. its literally as simple as putting an air stone in the bottom of a bucket and connecting an air pump.


    That Oxy cloner or what ever its called is pretty sweet for the price though, for sure!

    win/win either way. I never do more than 9 clones at a time so I just wouldn't need something as big as that oxycloner. if you decide to make one and need any ideas let me know.

    again, its Super Easy, and Super cheap
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  10. I clone straight into soil without any issue.
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  11. I used soil rooter plug trays and mondi domes under a 2 foot t5
    T5 stays on 24/7 and sits on dome. Haven't had an issue in over a year.

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  12. I do 20/4, the key is to use less light and get it far away that way your not trying to produce more veg and your trying to focus on roots, my temps were just normal, 77-80, humidity was like 30 percent, really low for clones, but i dont think the humidity mattered because i was using a bubble cloner, as you can see in my grow i used cfl/led’s really cheap and can get from wal-mart or local hardware store or even grocery store, just make sure to put them furter away

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  13. By the time you buy all the products you need to make your homemade bubble cloner your only saving $20 to $30, but to each their own, i like to make and create things myself but when it comes to clones i want to make sure i get a 100 percent success rate, and again like me my goal is to have more plants, for some others they just want 6 plants and veg them longer for bigger pmants, in my case im veg shorter so im not waiting as longfor my plants to flower, pretty much same thing im hust getting my bud quicker

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    Clones are fine on 24/0, 20/4 or 18/6. It takes photosynthesis for the clone to get growing right so the more light hours per day means fewer days until the clone takes off in my experience. Any of the schedules will work though
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  15. window sill, mason jar of water, when all else fails ;)
  16. Rapid rooters work fine. I’ve used pretty much every medium they sell including bubble cloners, aero cloners and ultra sonic cloners. They all work, some just take longer then others.

    **The key for me is trimming the clones exactly like BNW said. I leave the top 2 nodes untouch as long as they are small like in the picture BNW showed. I pluck all but 1 fan leaf and trim it so no leaflet is bigger then your thumb.

    You can skip the heat mat unless your cloning in winter or a cold environment. Anything over 70f is fine. I usually don’t rewater the rapid rooters for 4-7 days. I DO NOT spray or mist the leaves, rather I just spray the dome 1-2x a day.

    Lastly I’ve had better luck getting clones to root with more blue spectrum lights. I use 4K T5 bulbs and have also used the 4K QBs. I’ve also done it with HPS and CMH. They all work but the fastest and most consistent has been the T5s.
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  17. I use root plugs too. they work fast in the cloner, as do seeds. I skin em and plug em in my diy.
    I liked it so much, I got into aeroponics.
    fastest propagation yet. Clonex solution I also like to use at a weak sauce 1/4.

    here's a cheap one.
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  18. Buy a 2 gallon bucket and a 10 dollar fish tank pump and air stone, toy style foam and cuttings. I hang uber a 45watt led shop light. I failed with gels and powders.

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