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I just can't roll?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickM420, May 27, 2010.

  1. So I've tried multiple times, and used different papers and such but just can't seem to roll a good joint. I've seen multiple tutorials, and always crush up my weed nicely, but I can't seem to get it right. It always seems to fall out the ends, or it is way too loose. I can't grasp it. I've had to roll joints different more time consuming ways. Any tips?
  2. Have you tried the dollar method? when you do that you'll get the feel of how to roll a joint. [ame=]YouTube - how to roll a joint with a dollar bill[/ame]
  3. You need someone to show you in person, too bad you're all the way in Texas.
  4. Hmm well you should get someone to show you in person but heres how my bro does it:

    1. he puts the bud in the rolling paper ( in a straight line)( also remeber to take out stems, they make the paper rip.):D

    2. ( this part is kind of hard to explain....) he rolls thebud up in the joint but leaves a little bit of paper out.

    3. Then he licks the part of the paper thats out and places it on the rolled part.

    4. He twist one end well.

    5. Then he moves it back in forth through the lighter flame just to dry up the spit.

    And yeah you have a joint.:smoking: Sorry if you dont get the second step i couldnt explain it well... But good luck anyway.
  5. after you put the bud in the paper you gotta pack it in by rolling up and down alot , when ur rollin it down push hard so the bud gets packed , then just lick the glue and stick it , twist on end , poke it in to pack it and put a filter . its harrd to explain on the internet =/

    you could always yoll your paper around a straw , lick the glue and stick it , twist the end that isnt on the straw and put bud in the straw and it will go in the joint and keep puttin bud till its full i use to do that when i didn't kno how to roll
  6. @ shortgreen
    Ty. I'll try that method

    @ blunt.
    :-/ I dislike texas.


    thanks for the step by step instruction and I understand it.

    @ s0bAkeD

    I do a variation of that. I usually take a permanent marker and roll it and lick it and stick it, then put a filter in, then spend too long filling it with weed.

    @ Everybody
    I think that I wasn't pressing hard at all on the joint when I first had it in my hands and put the bud in, thus it fell out the ends. I'm gonna pick up some papers soon and try it.
  7. Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but you could always buy a joint roller. That's what I did when I started. They are pretty much idiot proof and come with instructions.

  8. go buy a fucking roller if you can't roll
  9. Practice. I sucked ass when i started but now im decent.

    If you still cant get the hang of it....Go with a Bong :bongin:
  10. Practice. I rolled 32 joints out of grinded mulch.
    My rolling is a little better now
  11. I totally felt like this when I started too!
    I found rolling with an experienced friend helped too, not only did you get to see what they do but when you're rolling they can give you pointers on how to improve. Funnily enough I was doing this for one of my new smoking buddys today
  12. Fuck tutorials. Just relax, grab a bunch of tabacco or some schwag (probably prevelent next to the border) and roll. bunches of joints. Its ok if you fuck up 15 times in a row, just be gentle with it so you don't break papers or get the weed to tight it wont hit. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there but the only thing that will make you a better joint roller is time and experience.

  13. <3 thanks for your such helpful post.

    I do know of a joint roller. I just feel like I can save myself a few bucks, and not have to bring it everywhere, and learn a new skill if I can roll myself a joint by hand.
  14. i have a roller now, actually i have three now lol, but i used to roll them by hand. my friend always used a pen cap to keep the shape and push the green down in the paper and keep the shape. also rolling them like a cyclone...or in a cylinder shape can be easier. When i do that I roll the paper up before the green is in there. Good luck! really the best way to get good is practice buying some tobacco is good to practice with. It's just about repetition.
  15. #16 Jed Sanders, May 28, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2010
    all you need is for someone who really knows how to roll to show you just once exactly(!) how its done (especially how to hold and tuck the paper so it stays tight around the roach, thats where most ppl mess up), and from then on its practice makes perfect:smoking::smoking::smoking:
    ....and dont ever roll the paper first and then try to stick the weed in there afterwards (thats not rolling:D), learn it right and it will be worth the effort
  16. I have been able to roll okayishly for maybe a year now, except the other day i tried a new method

    I roll it up as normal like compressing it, then i use my left thumbnail to push the paper around the roach into the roll

    i then use my right hand and tuck the paper in little by little as i go along till the end

    i then lick it and roll it up =] All of a sudden !000x better joints!

    You jsut have to find a method that works for you:)
  17. put the weed in the paper, tuck and roll left to right, seal the top.

  18. sounds awesome. I still chew my nails :devious: I need to stop :p

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