I just bought two special "Grow" floro's, was it worth my $$$

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Well I finally went and got me my larger floro fixtures. Shit those are cheap. A unit that holds two 48" bulbs was only $8 at Lowes.

    But anyhow. I bought two bulbs 40w each called "Growing" bulbs for indoor growing and fish tanks. They were about $5 each. I also bought some cool floro's to mix in one in each unit, those were only $1 or so each.

    So that said? Did I spend good or throw money away? Should I have just got regular cheap floro's? Or do the grow bulbs work pretty good? I did notice though they are rated a higher watt, they are more of a redish glow and not as bright as a 25w cool floro.

    Anyone use these?
  2. 40w fluros..way to go :D your getting there..:)

    that should work good...maybe get another one to get a bit more out of it.
  3. the grow tubes r a waste of time and money, a mix of cool and warm $1 tubes wud of bin a lot better.

    now u have them tho, get cool white fluros and use 3 cool to 1 red "grow" tube. the cools r all u need to veg, a mix of cool and warm is best to flower but if u dint have any warm tubes the "grow" will do at a push.
  4. I was just looking at watts and seen the 40w grow tubes, vs the 25w regular warm or cools. Figured they should be good.

    Ive got them a good 6-8" from the plants, but on nearly all sides.
  5. well....heres my little bit on floros.

    I began my first grow under 300 watts of floros, which is a fairly good amount of wattage. But, recently, i got myself 200 watts wortha HPS...now i do know that they are fairly expensive, but personally, from the results ive seen so far, as compared to the floros, i would save up for a little bit, and dish out for the HPS. ITS THAT NOTICEABLE. Im not saying floros are a total waste of money, im just saying that if you really are expecting that much more from this trade, i would spend that much more to achieve it!

    just my $2.07 (i got tired of that 10 cents, and two cents...so i tossed in a little more in)


    Ps-if you search around the forum, you will notice some people who have achieved fairly good results from floros, i mean it is possible. so you can listen to me or not.....your choice!
  6. Oh man I hear ya and know what you are saying. Thing is im not out to have a huge grow. From now until next May I would like to produce 1-2 ounces of bud, plus have a mum or two ready by May for clones.

    I think what I have should get me there.

    Only thing that worries me is my floro's are not super close to the plants. They are a good 8" from the leaves right now since the plants are small. I hope they still work.
  7. if they have any root structure, i'd move them dowm to within 2 or 3 inches or the tops, unless heat says otherwise.

    just my $4.20 :D
  8. Yea, I would like to get them as close as I can, but the lights are 48" long. My room does not have those lengths. That is why I have them hanging on the walls. I do have the HPS shining straight down though.
  9. 4 fluros to work well they must b close to the plants, there isnt really a way round that.
    the way u have ur room set up is ok 4 cloning as ambent light will keep them alive and the hps shud limit the streach.

    if u only want to veg to a short hight then then aslong as the hps is near the tops of the plants u shud b ok.

    if u want to flower then flip to 12/12 as soon as the clones have enough root, u stand a better chance of growing 8 plants with just over a 8th each than 1 plant of 1.5oz

    u have white and red "grow" tubes in the dubble fittings. bin the red tubes, u have all the red u need in the hps, the white will give u more lumes.

    ur room will do gr8 to keep a mother or 2 in.

    £free of charge£
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. All and all its seems im on the right path.

    I might see if I can rig up some way to hang my floro's a few inches closer to my plants. The place they hang right now is good, but only once the plants get bigger and they start to reach. I do plan to top them.

    Well four plants, if I can get a 1/4 ounce each by say Jan? Is that possible? Prob veg the plants up to 12 inches or so?
  11. yeah, u shud easy get more than an oz if u do it right.
  12. Two of the clones have already grown about 2" since ive put them in their new larger homes (3 gallon bucket). About two inches in 9 days....ill take that :)

    I just pinched the top on them today.

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