i just bought some seedS! :<

Discussion in 'General' started by skateskunked, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. soo , you would think i would be excited about this , but im on probation , n i was ordering seeds for my boys cause i did it before and got them , this time it came registerd mail , and i didnt ask for that , they want me to come to the post office to sign for it , maybe im paranoid , but this doesnt seem right , it was like a 70 dollar order , standard shipping from great britan . i orderd from Cannabis seeds Marijuana Seeds . anyone have experience with them?
  2. They can't charge you with anything, so I dont understand the paranoia.
  3. well i dont know were u live , but seeds is illegal

    EDIT: in the us
  4. contact whoever contacted you from the usps and ask them about it, try to find out how much they know about your package without expressly saying its yours
  5. okay why would you do more illegal activity on probation?
  6. im just thinking about the end result. free ganj
  7. Oh yeh, smart. :rolleyes:
  8. Apparently:

    free ganja > not going to jail

    My priorities seem to have been out of wack..
  9. the seeds were picked up fine , no problems. but i will be off probation by harvest time , i dont see what ur problem is ,, if weed plants are found , there is jail involved wether im on probation or not , so if i take the risk i take the risk just like any other fellow on here lookin to grwo
  10. I think somebody needs to explain probation a bit better, dude. You get caught growing bud on probation you're going to be gone for a LONG time. So no, you're NOT taking the same risk. You're doing something really stupid.

    But hey, it's your life, or lack thereof should you get busted.
  11. I'm pretty sure that they can search you for no reason when you are on probation

  12. Yup, PO can come to your house to randomly drug test you, and if your house reeks like weed plants they have the right to look around.
  13. why would i grow weed in my house on probation... im talking outdoor , not anywere near my house . and im not smoking weed on probation so they can come test me if they want im not doing anything wrong that they know about. im about done with this thread

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