I just ate a peanut butter and cheese sandwich

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DryMouthHacker, May 6, 2011.

  1. .....and it was AMAZING!!!!!:hello:
  2. Least you didn't have captain crunch with sprite instead.of milk like my friend.
  3. Should rename thread " Shit you thought was nasty, ends up tasting good because your high". Anyways ever try cheez its with caramel dip? OMGHAWD
  4. Chicken strips and jelly. Mmmmm
  5. Try saying fuck ketchup and mustard and instead using peanut butter with your hot-dogs.

    God damn peanut butter hot dogs are the shit.
  6. Peanut butter is amazing with everything in my opinion!
  7. I eat peanut butter, mayonnaise and cheese sandwiches all the time.
  8. peanut butter hot dog & peanut butter + cheese sandwich very interesting i will have to give those a try
  9. When I was in Germany and smokin up with some foreigners(well I guess I was the foreigner) every single time we would eat tuna pizzas. It was common for them, but for me it was strange. However, it was amazing high. They don't make those here in America...so sad
  10. been spreadin the word of PB and cheese sandwiches for a while, they fuckin rule. try addin a little lettuce as well :)
  11. you sick fuck
  12. i never knew this was twitter
  13. I like Doritos
  14. ooh man that sounds so nasty
  15. I was out of Doritos actually. The only thing that I had that didn't take a lot of work to make was peanut butter, cheese and bread.... and it turned out pretty good
  16. peanut butter and pickles is also good.
  17. Usually I would frown upon such a useless post but considering the ONLY way someone can find that delicious you would have to be at quite a level of high so we good skillet :hello:
  18. Holy shit that is so fucking tasty
  19. what kind of cheese did you use?

    Did you make it a grilled PB+C? or just a regular one?

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