i just at 14 edibles

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  1. so as you may know my guy is locked up and i was dry so i called around at my boys and one had some green and edibles so he came over and smoked me up and i bought 20 edibles (cookies) and im a big guy so its not like this is abnormal when im high but i just at 14 of the cookies. they are not big maybe like the size of home made ones, he said they had about 50 mg in each so how fucked am I? i've never had edible before other then one brownie when i was at a party and it was home made.
  2. Most THC I've eaten in a sitting was ~1.5grams.

    50mg × 14 is .7g.

    So depending on your body weight I predict anything from passing the fuck out, to THC Hyperemesis (vomiting like youve never vomited before and hallucinations (THC is a psychedelic in high doses) before passing the fuck out.
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  3. Don't think about how fucked you are, or you'll be fucked. Think about how good your trip is gonna be and let the good vibes fuel your high. Just chill out and enjoy it.
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  4. Yep. My suggestion would be to lie down and try to sleep it off. Just go with the flow - don't fight the flow. If you drink water, it can more or less slow down the stomach's absorption of the THC.. just don't drink too much water obviously.

    Just stay in bed, and embrace the outer space of consciousness. Don't fight it - it cannot harm you. Instead, observe everything it is trying to show you. Enjoy the show
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  5. Haha, it's not like it's illicits or anything. You'll be fine. You might sleep for 20 hours, but you won't die.
  6. A news reporter in Colorado once ate 16 servings of edibles, and survived. She didn't vomit .. just tripped out really hard.

    If you do vomit, then that's a great thing - because then you can get a lot of the THC out of your system before it gets absorbed.
  7. I only made brownies once, and ate like 2 portions and didn't really feel much, like a weak high from it. But then my roommate finds 'em and eats the whole rest of the pan, and he told me he was flying. :laughing:

    So yeah watch out with edibles, they can be really strong, and there's no real way to measure it's potency.
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  8. Not my definition of a great thing, but hey... ;)
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  9. That's probably because a lot of people don't cook them properly. They think that just mixing weed into their food is sufficient. Not saying you didn't follow the instructions, but there's a lot of variables to consider.. including potency of strain. Home made edibles can be pretty unpredictable.

    I once shared some cannabis chocolate with one of my roommates, that I made with his own weed. He took the equivalent of half a gram of it ... then 2 hours later, told me he didn't feel anything at all.

    However, the next day he was all like: 'Fuck, that shit lasts too long man!' lol
  10. It takes longer to kick in, yeah. I did do it properly though, it's just that it was some crappy outdoor homegrown I was using, so I didn't take enough. I thought I'd fucked up somehow, and was happy to learn it worked if you took enough :D

    Same roommate hooked me up with tons of weed over the years so no hard feelings towards him.
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  11. Well I sure as hell vomited. While hallucinating. In the bathtub, for hours, pale as a ghost.

    Slept like a baby when I stopped puking though. Blamed the whole thing on food poisioning.

    Most I've heard of someone doing, there was an article on erowid at one point (dunno if it's still there) about a guy who ate 6 grams of hash (~3grams of THC) which was twice what I ate in my debacle. His legs were paralyzed for several hours, but he was fine in the end
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  12. Fuck.

    Really hate to say it, but I'm afraid edibles could well be the reason weed isn't fully legal yet in the US. It's been causing too many problems. That's because people when people think of Edibles, they just think of it as food. The brain may be aware of the fact that there's drugs in it, but the primitive side of the brain still registers it as food... so people will always overdo it.

    This is why I think servings of edibles should be regulated to be produced to the same size as what a single person would realistically be capable of eating in one meal.
  13. While some are using edibles as a scapegoat (they look just like a normal brownie bla bla bla targeted at kids) it's mostly wax that states are trying to use as a scapegoat (bla bla 5x more potent by weight bla bla explosive chemicals bla).

    For the Feds it's entirely a case of "Cuz we said so". Though Big Pharma, private prisons and police unions all lobby hard as fuck against legalization
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  14. This is harm reduction at its best! Do not proceed to real drugs.
    Stop Now.
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  15. So because there are stupid people in the world that do stupid things with cannabis, that means we should ban it? I don't do edibles often, but when I do I drink or eat 180mg from the dispensary. People just need to learn their limits. You are the kind of person that would bind us all in chains to keep us safe just because there are ignorant people in the world.
  16. shit guys, im laying in bed like i have been the past hour i feel like im dead its really freaking me out, ill never do this again i just want it to stop
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  17. Not ban it, just regulate it. There's the difference.

    We regulate alcohol by making sure only adults can purchase it. That's called harm reduction.
  18. It's good bro. Just close your eyes. I remember my first few times over doing on cannabis. Kinda fun kinda not
  19. Most edibles I've ever ate was 3 gummies and a tootsie roll kind. I was straight up passing out but forcing myself to keep awake since I was staying over at my friends house and his sister and her boyfriend were just there. Shit was Alkward.

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  20. Call a friend if you want to. Make sure you lie down and close your eyes. Just don't fight the trip. Thousands of people have gone through this and they have all come out alive.
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