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Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Cocoa Toni, Sep 18, 2021.

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    Is There Any GC Stoners Who are Deaf In Here? I am Deaf an was Born that Way...i Cant Talk Well Either but I Can Hear Really Good if i Wear My Hearing Aides. I Don always Like to Tho because When They Out i Don Hear Anyting an Can Sleep Better too... Anyways I was J/W if Anybody Else Deaf in Here? I Prefer to Use Sign Language or Text but i Will Try to Speak if i Just Around My Family or My Bestie. Nobody Else tho because i Been Made Fun of Before When i was at The Bank to Cash My Check.

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  2. I am not deaf, but I suffer from tinnitus (constant ear ringing) due to going to concerts and listening to loud music. Certain people who talk too low or fast might trip me up at times.
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  3. Ohhhh I Heard of That Before. Do it Bother You alot or No?

  4. i cant sleep unless i have some noise in the background like a fan or youtube playing the whole night while im sleeping

    other than that, i have learned to live with it.
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  5. Yeah me too. I'm deaf in my right ear and have had 2 surgeries on it, made it worse. A constant ringing in it very loud too.
    My left is about 50% gone, loud music, loud weapons, and piss poor hearing protection has caused it all on me.
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  6. sorry to hear that it made it worse, and i feel for you. i don't wish this on anyone.
    if i could go back, i'd definitely take my dad's advice, due to his shit hearing from being a metalhead in the 70s/80s. the old bastard always told me to protect my ears but i thought i knew it all
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  7. Ohh...I Am The Opposite Once i Take My Hearing Aides Out Everyting Silent an i Only Do that When i Go To Bed or Don Wanna Hear Sh*t tho. Ngl sometimes Those Tings Get on My Nerves.

    I Very Sorry My Friend :(

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