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  1. Hello Everything,
     With this post today I am trying to get out something that I havent been able to make sense of since it was clear to me. Is anyone is familiar with Rigpa, the knowledge of the ground, the foundation on which our mind lives? Anyways, one day I was reading the book "The four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz (Great book, Recomend for everyone :) ) There came a passage where the narrator said "The real us is pure love, pure light". Now, I wondered, Is reading something from the first person perspective the same as ME, having that experience? After all, "I" and I, right? this deeply puzzled me. Then, I came to the conclusion we are all really "I" to ourselves arent we? Now, "I" is the same for everyone. This put my life, and other people's life into a much clearer perspective. I saw how all of us, human beings, have the same journey, really, through life, with pleasures, anxieties and pains that are insignificant compared to the important things, like friends and empathy with others around us who are also, just like us, doing their best to travel their own journey. We are all really "I" to ourselves. So there is something. But then, hmmm something is just eluding me at the moment.... Where do our thoughts come from? How are we self knowledgable? What defines us apart from 'I"? How can I realize i am not "I"? I realized there is another layer, something that makes us realize our own thoughts...what makes us conscious of this "I"? I think I is the self. No, "I" an the ego, able to see the self. But I am not the self. But the self allows us to see "I". But the self is our experience, senses, etc. But we can never be separate from the self. The self is life, and "life is the force of the absolute, the supreme, the creator who creates everything." Now I realize that everybody is only a mirror to see myself.  "He saw himself in everyone, but nobody saw him as themselves." -the four agreements.  OK now this is all good and stuff, but where do i realize that "I" is god? hmmm... The hidden layer of awareness, the hidden "I" is god...the force that enables us to look at ourselves from a third person perspective... For example, I remember that I tweeted "I am god, disguised as a boy, sitting in class."  Now, this is similar to all the legends that discibe god as being an old man, cloaked with a walking stick, but with secret smile and wink. We are all really God, and our identities are the prophets/messengers of God, "I". We all experience reality through "I". Another thought, related somehow to this is that we are our own children, teaching ourselves through experience. "We" are unknowable to ourselves, but we can analyze experience and generate a conclusion from this and teach ourselves. There are 2 forces, dancing back and forth ever growing inside us. But we are not either of these. We observe these. We look at ourselves from a third person perspective yet we still cannot see the observer. The observer knows all our thoughts and feelings. what allows us to watch our life as if it is we are the actors on stage and yet also the audience? I still dont remember exactly how "I" equeals God... God is everything...Only our direct experience is permenant, everything else is transitory, I am God because Nobody knows what "I" really is.. I think..Damn i lost my train of thought...

  2. You recited my idealism except with extremely bad wording, Bravo.
    I think the extensiveness of such a ideology can go farther, but is limited due to its' basis.
  3. Thanks... I could care less about the wording haha as i'm just trying to "get it on paper".  It is extremely hard to put the "infinite?" into a dot by dot linear account.
  4. I wouldn't expect much return.
    Really people's ideals are embedded in their psyche and it's hard to revalue a topic that may be very indented in their life.
    Many people don't question their own beliefs, or even conflict the reasoning too.
    I really don't believe anything is correct, as perceiving it just the glimpse of reality that doesn't exist.
    And to seek something that doesn't exist, serves no purpose other than a distraction.
  5. Well, I see you have "psychedelic explorer" under your name... ;) You should definately read "the 4 agreements" while... exploring. lol. Hopefully I think it will give you an extremely important experience, as it did to me.
  6. You two will get along famously.
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    Not gonna lie, I think i only understood a part of what you said since there are some contradictory statements , but maybe you forgot to put some apostrophes on I to distinguish it from the other I's.   You might be interested in Daniel Kahneman talk as he makes a distinction between two selves, the remembering self and 
    "so the experiencing self is the one that answers the question, does it hurt now. The remembering self is the one to answer the question, how was your trip to Albania? Oddly enough the remembering self doesn't always know what the experiencing self went through. The remembering self tells itself a story about what happened and that story doesn't always reflect the true experiences of what went on in the past."
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    Yes sir!  The 'I' is infinite, boundless, elusive, and never changing.  Our physical bodies and beliefs about the world have changed over the years, but there's something inside us that's never changed since birth.  That's the 'I', that is awareness, that is all that is....that is God. 
    Most people follow the false 'I' which is the ego giving us false perceptions about the world and about us (self-criticism, judging, ect..).  Once that false 'I' is seen for what it is, then the real 'I' can take root in us and embrace it's infinite nature.  The ego is very limiting, that's how you know the difference.  Just need to look and see. 
    Everyone should watch this movie "Revolver" ... it's got some good actors in it too.  Ray Leota is priceless in it..
    \t“The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.”-Julius Caesar

  9. Self is the boundless reality we all hold.
    Deafened by the active conscious that belittles the miraculous held in our essence.
    The reality we see is purely the need of active stimuli to perceive an existence of which is a complete falsehood.

    Self is the realization that the only reality that exists is the one you hold yourself, and in it lies all the answers to the existence of sense.
    That we are merely beings of misinterpretation with the loss that us as a individual.
    Hold the meaning of life itself,
    Life is the creator, and the conscious the essence of life is the all knowing knowledge that lies outside the boundaries of active stimuli.

    It only lies in your inner reality beyond perspective. And that's the only thing that holds meaning.

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  10. Look up alan watts inception on you tube. Good shit. I study many religions and I notice how consciousness is a main element. In christianity, one of gods names is the great "I am". In some forms of buhdism the term I am also included.

    Just go watch the video. Allan watts is a bad motherfucker who can describe it way better than me.

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  11. I've read half way into the op, I will be spending most of the next few days on this thread

    Let not the flame die

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