I invented a baseball stat

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by pocket biscuits, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I am not exactly sure what to call it, but I wantged to call it a run produced or run created. Well, those terms are already used for two other statistics. I guess I could call it something like TFR, total fucing runs.

    I'm fairly positive this formula isn't used.

    TFR = RBIs + Runs - Home Runs

    Total fucking runs equals runs plus runs batted in minues home runs.

    You have to subtract home runs because that would give two TFRs on a solo homer or five TFRs on a grand slam.
    Ya dig?
  2. So... it's the same as RBI's. :confused:

    You get 4 RBI's for a grand slam and 1 RBI for a solo home run...

    or 5 RBI's (or 5 TFR's) total...
  3. Ive thought about the same thing before but why subract homeruns? That is a run the batter created.
  4. You're forgetting runs that happen when someone else hits you in.

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