I hope the OWS forum is not representative of OWS..

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  1. Because it seems to be a pro-obama anti libertarian forum where all sorts of lies and smears are posted about libertarians. They even banned talk of Alex Jones and his thoughts on the Federal Reserve calling them conspiracy theories. Now I am not an Alex Jones lover, but really if the movement is going to just become an arm of the the Obama campaign then sorry I withdraw my support.
    Now if the forum is just full of leftist-statist trolls then thats understandable. To those of you who have attended some protests is this a leftist-statist movement?
  2. haven't attended a protest. but judging on where they are protesting i would say that they are. if they really wanted to change things for the better it would be occupy pennsylvania avenue.
  3. I'll post some example posts:

    "YES ! Let's go back to hard currency !
    Wait. The 1% have it all, and we're in record debt at the personal, local, State, Federal, and International level.
    Crap ! How can be get out of debt when the 1% have all the money?
    I have an idea ! Let's print a bunch of money so we can take dilute the holdings of the 1% then use the money we took from them to pay our debts ! Genius !
    Seriously, this has to be the only populist movement in the history of the world with so many arguing for a tight money policy !
    Money is just a token we use to facilitate commerce. It has no intrinsic value in and of itself. What matters is the value being created in the economy and traded in commerce, not how many tokens we have. People who vest these tokens with extreme power suffer from the same delusion as those who seek to hoard them."

    "I had heard someone say that the Austrian school was developed as an economic justification for the latter day Austro-Hungarian empire. Have you ever heard anything about that?
    Is the the Chicago school related to the University of Chicago? I've heard some pretty bad things about it."

    "They are pretty much diametrically opposed. Libertarians are NOT part of the movement. They are what this movement is trying to stop. So no. there is no consensus to be found. Sorry."

    "They have the desire to sell snake oil, unimpeded.
    Proven by Mr. Pauls desire to allow the sale of homeopathic remedies. That's snake oil.
    No more labeling laws or efficacy requirements.
    Let the corporations pee in the stream, and you can sue 'em if you can. But no class action suits.
    Among other things, that would make for a pretty ineffective government."

    "yeah but he also wants to pollute your childrens drinking water by making no regulations on water quality by epa. completely eliminating any government oversight on food quality, so he wants to give your children ecoli , poison air and water and lead in their toys and mercury and doesn't want your medication regulated by the fda so you better start picking herbs and digging a well and growing your own food if you want your children safe in a Ron P. world, too bad because I do want to end the fed, but he is an extremist in wanting to remove all regulations. that is kind of the definition of an anarchi"
  4. All the people I talked to want Obamas head on a platter. Most are saying it's Ron Paul or death.
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    I wouldn't trust any forum that's in their name because its all too easy to be attacked by anyone who opposes them, which there are a lot of. You're gonna have to shift thru it like you would a newspaper or a Fox program :laughing:

    You wanna know what's going at OWS? Go to one that's near you, if you can. They are kinda all over teh place.

    btw, Am I the only one who doesn't know what this means?
    I keep up with current events n all but I don't follow many trends, especially the naming of a group of people or idea, so I have no clue what that poll means, in which case I won't give an answer too.
  6. Statism- is a term usually describing a political philosophy, whether of the right or the left, that emphasises the role of the state in politics or supports the use of the state to achieve economic, military or social goals.

    So basically a statist that leans to the left. A Necon would be a statist that leans to the right. I didn't want to just say leftist because there are Lefties on this forum that do not support statism. The Atmans Path is a fine example.
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    It's not representative of the movement itself. It's a forum. It's a place where people can post their personal opinions. Forum is Latin.

    In fact, Obama has been weaker than Bush in persecution of money fraud. Something I've heard from OWS. It's rediculous how many of OWS recognizes how Obama is no different from any other past president, and is in some ways worse. Maybe you should go to one of the protests yourself.

    I'm not gonna say there are no statists in the movement, but really. Communists fought for equal rights in the work place, does that mean that everyone that fights for equal rights in the workplace is communist?

    Also, Swills, "Leftist-statist" is a label for anyone that disagrees with Ron Paul or a libertarian in general.
  8. To say this forum is pro Obama, anti Libertarian is a bit OFF.
    either you haven't read to many threads or........

    Plenty of Ron Paul fanatics, Obama haters to keep things balanced, not to worry.

    This is a populace movement! Dead center.

  9. Neocon... statist... gotcha :laughing:

    I wonder where I would fall in these categories. I find I usually agree with Atmans, so maybe I'm whatever u said he was :laughing:

  10. Well, then I'm no leftist statist cuz I support the Paul.

    Ron Paul 2012 or bust
  11. hmm, interesting, maybe it's CIA, not to sound paranoid but they're certainly capable of it and this is up their ally


    could also be trolls
  12. As OWS is a broad, leaderless movement, I think it's very difficult to generalize much of anything.

    within OWS, there's libertarians, socialists... libertarian-socialists, anarchists, generally left-centrists, vaguely liberal folks and so on. There are certainly a few rank-and-file water-carrying Obama supporters involved at some level.

    I wouldn't be shocked if the Obama supporters were mere water-carriers, perhaps trolls or, more nefariously, people working on behalf of the Obama campaign on some level. I ain't trying to be Alex Jones up in here, but, remember, the Tea Party was originally a Ron Paul-based libertarian movement before it was hijacked by the members of the GOP. Now, the Tea Party is known basically as generic, angry Neocons.

    Similarly, the Democrats and Obama want OWS on their side.
  13. Everything gets worse on the internet, i think. At the protests, you gotta be pretty mad to stand in the freezing weather. but on the internet any whiny person can post their uneducated views with flabbergasting enthusiasm.

    I think the conservative media is trying to make it look like "oh no communist stoner violent hippy shitfest" but there seems to be a lot of freedom loving people who understand the corruption, although i haven't been to one. I think OWS is doing it wrong but what ever.
  14. go to youtube or google "youtube adam kokesh" he's done a lot of interviews at occupy DC :laughing: :laughing: use caution though, it's painful to watch
  15. Saw the local one on my way to uni. Saw loads of "Capitalism Kills!!!" placards and stopped paying any attention to the movement at that point. I don't think it was intended as a leftist statist movement but given that all they seem to want (at large) is regulation and the 1%'s money i'd have to go with the second one.

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