I Hope Next-Gen consoles have...

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by caseball2051, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. A fucking many disc changer, similar to cd players.

    getting up to change the disc is a fucking task sometimes.
  2. I hope they have a fleshlight-like port for your dick :p
    but seriously, a virtual reality helmet would be SICK
  3. One word: Reliability. Fuck everyone getting the red ring of death and the wii motes being fucking impossible to connect. These are basic features of the machine, and the consumer should expect these things to at least function. Hell, I think that most people would sacrifice a bit more aesthetic space if that all it took! Quit overheating!


    Aside from that, man, I'd have to say that I would really just look for greater in-game capability. Imagine an FPS that ran better-than-Crysis graphics that allowed for complete player customization, as well as free roam through an entire game world... Video games are becoming more about immersion, and this trend should continue until eventually we will be "practically" stepping into the game.

    sorry. way blazed.

  4. good call, even if it was just a 5 disc cartridge I think itd be a cool thing. sign me up
  5. i dont think discs are going to be around too much longer, not for videogames anyway.

  6. Lets pray to god we all get solid-state hard drives on the cheap
  7. lol que?
  8. built in blunt rollers

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