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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bongs-a-blazin', Sep 22, 2002.

  1. Greetings tokesters! I'm a first time poster and grower .. if I may a couple of questions ... I'm growing under pretty limited conditions .. meaning I'll be growing one plant at a time for personal use .. hmmmm... I'm living outside the US in a country with not very progressive attitudes about you know what .. alcohol, nicotine, caffine.. please consume in mass quantity .. but none of that whacky tabbacky ..anyway .. what can I do to help ensure my little seed will grow up to be a vibrant, powerful female .. and not some whimpy little male .. and .. I understand that I should use cool white flourescents for for seedling and vegetative growth .. and an HPS bulb for flowering .. not sure if I can the second here .. but I did pick up a 60w "plant light" which kicks off oodles of red spectrum light .. was wondering how I might fare with that ... cheers
  2. I have always used a HPS son agro from start to finish, the yield and quality are very good.
    good luck
  3. mh is just a plant light,.,, HPS is definatley way to go but other people have problems and etc and are forced to use mh or flouros but floruos are cheap and effiecent.. << spelling correct? to late for this cya/


  4. me too 400watt hps sounds good to me , that what i use start to finish with good results.

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