i hope i'm not brainwashed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by solarsinsemilla, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. i'm goin to rehab and i just got done talking to my friend thats there who used to do a ton of coke and always smoked alot of weed and hes been at the rehab for almost 90 days and he was talkin to me how he is changing his life and all that. and i think its good for some people but i was never a big druggie. i smoke alot of pot and was gettin into coke but stopped before it was a real problem. i know for some people if they did hard drugs and pot, the pot would trigger them to go harder but that wouldnt happen to me i went to NA and AA before i was a real addict/alcoholic. i have no doubt in my mind i'm an alcoholic, i have all the traits i just dont like drinking much( that probaly wont make sense to those who dont know what a real alcoholic is) and i was gettin set up to be a huge cokehead but stopped right before it was a problem i still think about coke alot but i've been around it and not done it 4 times the first was realy hard but the other 3 i didnt even want to do it. i'm almost affraid that rehab will brain wash me, not smoking pot is so logical and its realy the thing for me to do is stop smoking and have a real life but i'd rather have a alternative life. Stoners can be some of the smartest people in the world same with addicts, because they dont let society influence them they are more open minded and use drugs to self medicate. but those smarter than those people conform and eventualy take over the system to rule it their way. The dumb people automaticaly conform and dont challenge anything. another thing i have been thinking about is i have a whole life ahead of me to smoke pot, theres not much of a point of paying regular prices to be stoned now, my next 2 years i could go without smoking pot and i will save so much money and if i want to get high i could do it on the weekends or after school theres not a point to being stoned 24/7. my last thought is we need to do something to change the pot prices, its a plant for god sakes, for an ounce of good sinsemilla here is about 300 at the cheapest, thats the same wieght as those mcdonalds barbeque sauces. pot realy should be alot cheaper, i know when i grow i'm gunna have such a surplus i wont even smoke the buds just pure keif and THC oil. i am not goin to sell pot but if i was goin to and i was the grower in an area that growing wasnt a big risk i would charge what it costs to grow it no more no matter how badass it is.
  2. man, all i can say is....well nothing...
    seems like u been though a lot, and if u been though so much, u can make it though the rest
    its like climbing a mountain....or better yet a table top mountain.....once u reach the top, its the easierst part...walking in a straight line....thats wot u got to do now...just keep going where u r at, follow what your mind says,....and u will be in the right place....
    good luck man!
  3. Man i went to rehab and i smoked everyday and got tested 2 times a week i just used all that drug test passing shit and it worked, B-T-W don't use nician it doesn't work, anyways rehab won't brainwash you if don't let it every human has there own state of mind and the only one that will change that person is him and him alone, other people will try to influence you into doing or not doing sumthing and it's your choice to make up, so live life to the fullist and don't let anybody tell you what to do with your life, make your on reality, c-Yaz

    PEACE OUT!!!
  4. Best of luck to you.

    I know it's selfish, but in times like this, you really have to think for yourself, and put yourself before others if you want to come out on top.

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