I hope everybody is having a great afternoon!!

Discussion in 'General' started by themeltdown, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. im in a pretty good mood and I was thinking i should say hello to everybody and make sure everybody is having an awesome day :smoke:
  2. Just peachy over here. Weather is warming up a bit and I'm loving it. Mid to upper 70's.
  3. sucks over here i have work at 3. i cant wait to get out and smoke a blunt.
  4. For every person whos having a good day, theres one who isnt.

  5. That would be me. If GC was working correctly, I'd be posting my good bye thread right now. :(
  6. I'm just chilling at school doing my sql server homework. Going to smoke some fat bowls on the way home though:) then I work at papa johns all night slanging pizza pretty boring life.
  7. Just got home from school, start of a new semester and it was pretty good. But i have no weed, no money, no car and my friend is in court, so im not going to have a great day.
  8. my day is str8. Friend picked me up on my lunch break and smoked me out, even left a bowl for me cause i dont have any at the time. Good friend, love him and im sure ill get him back within the next couple of days

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