I hooked up some people who were high today.

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. So I work this place called the Pita Pit and I had to close from 10pm-2am. The manager left at like 11:30 and it was just me and this other guy that's chill and blazes too. So not that many people were coming in but still enough where we couldn't chill and just stand around. I was working the register for a bit and these two college kids come up. They ask me what I recommend and we talk a bit and stuff. I smelled cigs on them and I just noticed that the girl's eyes are slightly red and the guy she's with has slightly red eyes too.

    So I lean up real close to them and say, "Yo, are you guys faded right now?" And at first she seemed kinda surprised, but she was like "Yeah..." And then I told them that me and my coworker were gonna go smoke in the fridge later (Another story...:D) and we laughed about it. When I took their order earlier, they didn't get the drink or cookie, probably to save money. But after that, I was like, "Here just take this" and hooked them up with em. It was fucking tight. It's cool cause I'm not usually good at noticing that people are high, but I was able to catch it this time.
  2. That's pretty nice of you. Hopefully karma will work in your favor.
  3. +rep. You have some nice karma building bro!
  4. haha when i worked at the movie theater concession stand people would come in baked all the time and i would give them free shit
  5. you prolly just made a stoners day

    free cookie n free drink....fuckin right
  6. I've been hooked up at Taco Bell before. It was awesome. I went in and ordered a drink and a taco. The guy, out of nowhere, walked over to my table and gave me these little french fry things and a spicy chicken burrito. Pretty sweet.
  7. Nice people rock! :metal:
  8. u nice buffet! if someone hooked me up like that and was a stoner i would def blaze em out. stay up dog
  9. fuck yeah if I come up there and smoke a blunt of dank with you can I get free food? :D haha
  10. ...not sure what to say apart from "you're hella cool."
  11. Word, thats some cool shit u did. Reminds me of a time when I was sitting on a bench in the park and a guy gave me 5 dollars. I was like wtf, and the dude was like was like " you need it more than i do. " i was like sweet. maybe he thought i was a hobo-vagabon.
  12. +rep to you my friend
  13. LOL you probably looked like a hobo
  14. I AINT DONE NO SHROOMS,,, but i keeep my clothes on anyhow............

    allthough i have been drinkin beer,,,, and me and my lady friend is '' gettin ready to get ''NAKED'' see ya.. im loggin off,,,,:cool:
  15. What are you talking about?
  16. uhh wtf chicken? lol

    oh and Isparkmygreens I just gave you 2 rep bars lol
  17. that real chill of you man

    the janitor when I was in high school was so chill to us. he worked at mcd's and would hook us up with free food and shit.
  18. IT's great when people hook you up for being stoned.
  19. oh my,,, i was fried last night,,, ( after reading this i myself was like ''? what'')

    i meant to reply to a thread where, some guy said that when he does shrooms, it makes him want to get naked,,,, guess i hit the wrong thread title,,,,

    but i like cookies too...... this forum is the bomb because of this fact alone,,,

    the later it is,, the more fucked up we blades get,,,, so you never know what type of shit you may read.....:p

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