I hit Ty Dolla igns blunt at a concert and got caught

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by plant420, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Went to a Future concert last night, didn't have any weed because i hadn't smoked for about 6 months. People around me were all talking about how many blunts they had on them and ways they got past security, this made me want to at least take 1 hit of something. After chilling and talking to the people around me Ty Dolla $ign came on stage and that's when people started lighting their shit. TD$ was like "Where my stoners at" and then everyone went ham. I was front row and he tossed his blunt in the crowd before he started performing, I caught that shit out of the air and took 1 big ass hit from it then passed it. Coughed like a little bitch, not as bad as my first time smoking but still pretty bad. Like 2 minutes after hitting it i knew i was the highest I've ever been in my life. I just stood there getting pushed around by everyone, I was fucked. I had such bad cotton mouth and i just kept on going around in circles and didn't focus on anything except the colorful lights. I had the spins for like 15-20 mins then i turned around to my brother who was completely sober and said "Holy shit I'm high as fuck". Everyone around me was just looking at me and geeking because at this time i was falling asleep standing up and didn't have any clue what was going on. I asked my brother to take me outside. He walked me through the sea of people and I was so fucking chopped at this point people just kept on looking at me stumbling out of the concert with my eyes red as stop signs. While we were walking to go sit down on a bench a huge ass group of Frat boys walked by and they looked at me and gave me a bunch of high fives, but i didn't hold my hand up because I couldn't even move a muscle. My brother called my Mom to come and pick me up, while waiting for her everything but my brother seemed to move in choppy slow motion while he stayed completely normal. My mom came to pick me up and my brother went back into the concert. In the car I dont even remember anything that happened. We got back to the hotel and the second i walked into the elevator I puked like 4 different times. We got to the room and i went to go lay on the floor in the bathroom because the floor was cold and I was burning up. After what felt like an hour i got up and went to bed. Today i can barely remember what the fuck happened and i kinda feel like shit. Also I didn't even get to see Future perform. [​IMG]

  2. 10/10 would read again.
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  3. I'm not sure what a Ty Dolla $ign is but apparently their/his/her weed is a bit much for you.

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  4. He's a rapper
  5. LoL .. Fail .. Naw the thing is Op all them fools in the industry party hard so you gotta be careful hittin their sticks bcuz you'll never know what they have rolled ..
  6. This started out as a great story but as soon as you had your mom pick you up.... Smh bro sometimes you just gotta man up, you got that fucked off one hit???

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  7. Just googled him, tbh i wouldnt consider saying nigger over and over into auto tune rap. im glad the UK is now dominant in hiphop/grime, all i hear from the US is the same old shit.

  8. It prolly was laced
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    the fuck?

    I would have stayed and enjoyed the concert i paid for high as balls. Pretty sure you are underage just from the fact you honestly had your mom pick you up from a concert when you are fucking dusted.

    Good read tho OP made me laugh hope you man up one day.

    Kidding. Enjoy your night best of luck.

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  10. you didn't GET caught

    you played yourself

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  11. His mom probably paid for him

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  12. Yuup

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  14. no shame in having a low tolerance. I don't smoke more than .3/g in a sitting. Half O's last me forever
    get a better taste for music tho. I suggest Nas and Big L
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  15. Ty dolla who?

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  16. Idk why but as soon as i heard future i like his music but wtf dude? The answer is to get more fucked up and be friends with him. Thats what i wouldve done/ his bodyguard. Explain your flawed shit,
  17. Damnnnnn, I couldn't be your friend lol. Your mom picked you up. If any of my homies did that, I'd have to revoke that man card.

    And Ty dolla sign sucks. Fuck him.

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  18. A real man loves and honors his mother, so your man card is already revoked.
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  19. My brother called my mom for me without asking me, if I got the choice I wouldn't have done that
  20. i guess he never smoked the Jeffrey lol
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