I hit an all time high today, must read

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  1. Okay so my buddy decided that he wants to do a little wake n bake action this morning so he heads over to my house at about 10:00AM this morning. We both headed out back to my garage and started packing our bowls. I packed a descent sized bowl into my pipe, and began smoking the full bowl by myself. I dunno WHAT happened, but after I finished the bowl I knew I was pretty damn high. We got back in the house and by that time I couldn't control my laughter. I don't know if it had to do with vaping for the first time yesterday or smoking this new strain called Big Wreck (28% outdoor grown THC) that my dealer hooked me up with. It's some of the best you can get in Oregon, my guy has insane hookups. I decided that I was going take a shower so my high would die down a bit so that I could actually control myself because at this point I was laughing and being really stupid. No joke, the shower made it worse. By the time I got out of the shower I literally forgot how to put my shirt on. I had a button up long sleeve shirt that I put on and I couldn't figure out how to get it on. In my self conscious I knew I was acting incredibly stupid but my high conscious just took over again. I went into my living room all tripped out and everything was in flash moments. I ate 30 mini churros from jack in the box, 4 tacos, and was still EXTREMELY hungry afterwards. My high died off after I went to the hockey rink later with my friends. Let me tell you, if you ever get your hands on some Big Wreck, be prepared because this shit is crazy. I have absolutely no idea why I got so high. .
  2. Haha your story had me rollin. I remember I had grown my own and I smoked it for the first time and I just laughed then try to control my laughing and everybody thought I was mad. Then I got paranoid and started crawling away from my group of friends. Your trip reminded me on mines. Awesome!
  3. damn i wish i could still get high like that.
  4. Dude it was trippy! Right when I thought yesterday was the highest I've ever been, today happened. I was tripping balls.

    Try going a few days without smoking, it might help. But yeah, I got so incredibly baked that I don't know that I would want to get that high again. I was so dumb hahahaha.
  5. I felt like I was in a damn dream and nothing felt like reality. It was trip-like.
  6. I took a bong rip last week and after i was done coughing, as i was assuring my girlfriend i was alright it hit me. I stopped in mid sentence and was just like "Fuuuck" then proceded to start laughing hysterically. My vision got really choppy, it reminded me of my first time.

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.
  7. Hahahaha thats hilarious.
    I had low tolerance not too long ago cause i had to take a piss test and i pass it. Butafter that, i had a nug with some wax mixed with it sitting for a while.. me doubting my high, i would think its gonna only get me buzzed. I break it up, put it in some fronto. Then i light it, and boyyyyyyy was i blazed into elm street haha. After i finished that blunt. I walked out the bathroom (cause i was hotboxing and i was trying to get as high as i can.) So im walking, i stub 2 of my toes on the table legs, my mom was there giving me the "wtf is up with your face" look. And im walking to my room where i just had this urge to act sooo retarted for no reason ( i have adhd) so i just scream and squeal and start dancing like a stiff stick, ate some hot pockets along with a raisin bagel, cheese mayonnaise bacon and Honey.. boy did i have the itis.. i knocked out pretty quick after i was preety hyped that i was blazed and still felt it in the morning lol
  8. nah i've been smoking for like 8 years going a few days without smoking doesn't really make a difference lol.
  9. .

    Yeah try going a few days without smoking and drink plenty of water the most disappointing part a stoner gets to in their life is when it's difficult to achieve a good high so the best thing I have found is going a few days without and then lighting up around the evening / night time when the day almost the calmest :) good luck !


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