I hit a deer in my new car... Fuck my life.

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  1. Whats up GC. my luck has seriously run out. Last friday (1 week and 1 day) ago, i traded my POS jacked up truck 4X4 for this 02 Volkswagen Golf. About 2 hours ago, i hit a deer. I only have liabilaty coverage on my car. I seriously spent all my money on this car. and im guessing $2000 in repairs. I need new

    and fix the dents in the door. as of now, thedoor wont open cuz the fucker made the fender slide back and its pressed against the door...

    fuck my life,

    The thing is, I wasnt high or drunk. I had 1 beer and was off to see my girlfriend.

    Here is a pic on the lot the day i bought it.


    and here it is now.







    so for all you tree huggers out there, fuck deer. I will go hunting this fall, and i will kill any deer, even it still has steamy milk on its mouth.

    sry if that seems cruel, im pissed off, and sad... oh well, thats what weed is for.
  2. i actually hate deer. they scare the fuck out of me lurking in the woods waiting to
    jump in front of your car. fuck them. sorry about your car man.
  3. sucks dude. but it could be worse, hope you know that. the deer coulda rolled through your windshield and kicked the life out of you. good luck.
  4. yeah. ur right, it could have been worse. but it shouldnt have hapened at all. i dont have full coverage cuz i keep thinking i wont get in a wreck thats my fault(im a really safe driver) this wasnt even my fault and i gotta pay... life sucks.
  5. was it a cute deer?
  6. no. it was the most ugly, most nasty deer i have ever seen. I would rather watch two hound dogs fuck, than watch this deer anytime.
  7. no blood,

    did you kill it?
  8. bummer dude

    least it ain't totaled

    EDIT: should have kept the deer

    they make for good eats

    this is coming from experience
  9. Bad luck, man.

    Sorry about the car, too hope everything works out.
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    no. there are absolutely no positives to this incident. I didnt even get to keep the rack. It was a big 8 or 10 point buck. I caught its back half, it just flopped in the ditch for a while and ran off.

    you want to see what happens when a bike and a deer hit, go here ...

    *Gory pics*

  11. I agree, if it was totaled your life would be over. Is it still legal to drive it? If so you can just drive a piece of shit until you can afford to fix it.
  12. [​IMG]

    You need those. USDOT lights are a joke. And yours look awfully dirty.
  13. you didnt hit the deer...the deer hit you...youre supposed to say that to your insurance so that way its not your fault? i heard that somewhere...seems to make sense though if you ask me..stupid deer running into cars and shit....
  14. hey i, hit a deer in my car a few months ago, was about as bad as your damage. most of the exterior shit is easy to do, so if you're up to it you could prob replace the exterior damage for around $400 if u can find it in a junkyard.
  15. could've been much worse

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  16. lol that like the squrials, u see them standin on the sidewalk then bam they run to u, then run back the sidewalk, those bastards, i just floor it so i can fuckin run it over, they are askin sucicde

    (srry bout my spellin, i suck at spellin)

    and man, that sucks
  17. I hit a dog doing 60 down a old country highway, bad thing was I swerved out of the way to not hit the fucker, he still ran in my way. It was like a planned suicide.
  18. Sucks hard bro. Did you get the 1.8t? Friend has one, fun cars. Although yours doesn't look like one after a second look.

    That motorcycle and deer collision is fucking brutal.
  19. no. mines the 2.0 non turbo. i think it only had about 115 horse. Just the basic GL model.
  20. Damn man. Sorry about your ride. That shit sucks hardcore.

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