I hid weed in my suitcase

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  1. Basically to stop my parents from finding weed I stupidly stored it in a few toiletry bags in my suitcase which made it less potent, I've taken the weed out of it now however I'm going to america in a couple months and I'm worried that a dog will pick up on the scent even though no weed will be in it, I know how strict america are and i'll be uttered screwed. Will the smell fade over the upcoming months so to the point where a dog won't be able to smell it or am i going to have to get my suitcase cleaned? I can't go and buy a new suitcase bc thats just a waste, someone help please.
  2. No weed? No worries. They can't bust you for an odor lol.

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    I think you'll be fine. Just try to leave it open under a ceiling fan or something.

    In my experience. The smell of ganja doesn't stick. Just get some air flow and it'll dissipate fast.

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