i hear playing music for plants is good for them

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  1. Is it? When is the best time to play it? What kind of music?
  2. Mythbusters says it's a myth.
  3. Death metal= The death
    Rap= The Chronic
    Rock= Green crack
    Country= The bricked bammer
    Blues= Skunk
    Reggae= Lambsbread
    Thats all you need to grow dif kinds of tweeds. peace
  4. i have never heard of any life form responding negatively to journey...
  5. i think that myth was cows give more milk to clasical music ?
  6. I keep a small cricket cage in my flowering room for lights off. Even if it doesn't do anything I believe it stimulates the plant. Just like talking to it.
  7. Actually it is pretty interesting when talking about music and plants and Hasn't it been shown that humans think better with classical music?

    With my experience when I grew different indoor fruits and such I would play my music pretty loud, plus they were right next to my plants and they always seemed to grow faster and they just seemed overall better.......but then again I was usually pretty baked, so who knows. Give it a try...whats the worst that can happen
  8. Frequent Vibration stimulates the roots and enhances growth. Not music.
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    + 100 i lol‘ed
  10. Sing or talk to them instead.

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