I haz problemz I need halp with. Please come in.

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  1. Brah's I just have 2 questions and need some quick help:
    \n1) My plants are going through some nute lockout. I mistakenly have been giving the plants 6.1 ph'd water + nutes and I think calmag is not being utilized.
    \nI want to get her into that sweetzone of 6.5 for soil.
    \nI'm planning on flushing her then adding the last gallon with a mild dose of bloom nutes because she's 2nd week into flowering.
    \nMy first question is: Should I ph all my gallons of water (2 gallons for flush, 1 with nutes) to 6.5-6.6?
    \nOr should I ph the gallons to 6.8-6.9 to help it balance out with the soil ph of 6.0-6.1?
    \n\n2) I got 2 plants under 6x 42 watt cfls.
    \nI got 4x 2700's and 2x 5600's....Should I keep the 5600's on during bloom? About 1 week in so far.
    \nDoes the 5600 spectrum help out any bit in bloom?
    \nAny help is much appreciated

  2. 1. Post a pic please.

    2. More spectrum and light is always the way to go.

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