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I havent smoked weed for about 6 months but am doing it agsin tomorow before school, how can I make sure that I dont whiteye

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sam spliff, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. So I haven't smoked any weed for about 6 months now and am doing it for the first time since then tomorow before school and want to know how I can make sure that Im not sick or anything. What can I do to stop my self from being sick.

    please don't just say don't do it, I you think I shouldn't do and are going to tell me not to do it don't answer to my post
  2. Why would you get sick?
    Do you normally get sick when you smoke weed?
  3. I did the first couple times I ever tried it and I just thought that because I haven't done it for ages I might feel sick again but I wanted to know how I can stop getting sick
  4. Smoke less. Gonna be hard for you to gauge how much you should smoke before you stop though as if it's before school sounds like you are going to be kinda in a hurry. Just take a couple of hits and call it quits.
  5. So you haven't smoked in months and you decide the next time you are going to smoke is going to be before going to school... genius idea
  6. No shortage of cool stories today.
  7. So should I just have about 5-6 tokes then leave it at that?
  8. My bad, just counted to see how many months and it's only been 2 not 6
  9. Lol

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  10. Why would you get sick? Don't swallow the smoke if you have in the past. Many newbs make that mistake.
    BTW this is grasscity, nobody's gonna tell you not to smoke weed ;) :bongin:  :metal:
  11. I've read somewhere that to stop your self from feeling sick when smoking weed you need to keep your blood sugar up by eating sweets or chocolate and stuff, does that actually help or is it bollocks
  12. its probably not true. the only reason I think you could get sick is like ModernH:ippe said, just make sure not to swallow the smoke, and take a minute in between puffs. Let some oxygen get to your brain before you hit it again.
  13. That's for nicotine, not sure about weed.
  14. I'm smoke cigarettes quite a lot so you just inhale it the same don't you?

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  15. #15 Sam spliff, Nov 18, 2014
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  16. else would you inhale it?
    For real only take like 2 or 3 tokes if it's kush. If it's mids I'd say 5-6
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    don't do it..
    if you get sick from smoking weed, why would you ever want to smoke it? doesnt sound like much fun to me..
  18. I don't think he means it ALWAYS makes him sick, I believe he's just looking for tips to make sure he doesn't green out and get sick.
  19. IDK why the hell he would choose to do it before school if hes so scared of getting sick
  20. Bahahhahah I know, right? He's gonna be so pie-eyed.

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