I havent slept in 3 days

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  1. I don't quite feel awake and I don't feel quite asleep. Somewhere in between. I feel like I'm starting to trip into a different realm.
  2. Welcome, Neo. :cool:
  3. http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/The_Russian_Sleep_Experiment
  4. Tldr for now, but I will. I'm drinking beer and I thought that help but it's making me feel very strange.
  5. Did I just imagine 2 posts above mine? Something about it being unhealthy? I don't see them now wtf am I hallucinating this shit?
  6. Sleep deprivation causes hallucinations. Never tried it. Enjoy I suppose. Be careful.
  7. I drunk drank a couple of those 5 hour energy shits
  8. I hope you are not doing that white shit?
  9. What if I can't sleep again tonight.. I'm scared to see what the 4th day would be like.
  10. Or those white and blue motherfuckers.
  11. eat, sleep, rave, repeat.  you are forgetting a very important step in your routine
  12. ?

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  13. have you fallen asleep yet
  14. I'm on my 3rd beer I think and I'm starting to feel more normal...
  15. Naw I'm referencing a pharm. not allowed to talk about it lol good luck with the non sleeping thing. I personally couldn't do it, I love sleep so much
  16. I almost feel like my head is about to just roll off my neck and into my lap.
  17. And then someone will find me in a couple weeks dead lookin like I tried to suck my own dick.
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    Well... if you're trying to fall asleep you're doing it wrong, and how many is a couple?  Three?
    And are you drinking after you just drank them?  That's a really bad combo...
  19. Dude I tried to play thunderstorm noises and everything last night and even that didn't help.. I jerked off 3x too. Usually after ejaculating all over my sheets I fall asleep real quick.. I haven't slept since Tuesday
  20. Fuck

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