I haven't forgotten yall

Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Hey to all my buds here that I love so damn much. Life has been pretty hard but such is life I suppose. So I'm smoking and I have my computer up and running once again. My life sucks too bad to get into details.........I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's buzz. So send me some karma and remember that I'm thinking about all of yall!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses to each of you!!!!!!!
  2. hey!haven't seen ya around much! nice to see ya again! good karma comin your way!
  3. I haven't forgotten about you babes... I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping that you were doing well...

    I'm sending lots of karma to you.. I hope things get better!

    Love you F C!
  5. Of course I love ya bud head. I swear I was thinking about all of you here lately. I almost got in my car the other day and started on a road trip on a mission to find my buds here but then I realized I'm a stoner and I would probably end up in the middle of the ocean somewhere!!!!!!

    And daisy.....thanks for the karma. And daisies have always been my favorite flower!!!!!!!!! I love them....to me they represent a person being open and free to do whatever their heart desires!!!!!
  6. dont be a stranger fc! long time no see!
  7. When you decide you need to get away for a couple days........ just let me know... you can come on down!

  8. hahahaha, it's a deal!
  9. Thanks for the offer bud head............one of these days when all this shit with being on bond and such clears up then we will have the greatest of smoke outs!!!!!!

    And nubbs.........it is always great to hear from you my friend!! I try not to be a stranger but I seem to stray every once in awhile........but I always end up coming home eventually!!!!!!!

    Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. that's meeeee alright!!! well i feel like that sometimes! and daisies are my fav too!
  11. your choice!! your bringin the bud:D
  12. yeeeeeah! nice to see you again flowerchild!! :) I hope things pick up for you! sending ~~good times pick up vibes~~ your way hun! :)
  13. ach, i'm trying to slow my complussive posting right now so sensi can catch back up.. i'm a few ahead now and we're aiming to hit 4200 same time.

    but.... ya know i couldnt resist popin into this thread to say


    another wandering nomadic blade returns, if only for a while... but the stay, no matter how brief, is always welcome.
  14. uh dude, *no one* except obliviowhore can post as fast as you lol

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