I haven't been this high in a while... :)

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  1. Ok so I've been smoking and toking for a while (and other episodes with different drugs) and I'm just now noticing how fucking hard it is to even type this I just space/trip the fuck out... anyway :D:confused::eek::smoking: Basically I'm a freshman and I've been going through this time of am I really fucking up my college with drugs and drinking and marijuana (Imo not a drug, I can give reasons), or is it all just because the police and my parents are making it harder for me to do drugs. The latter of these I feel that maybe if I could smoke pot legally, recreationally, and it was not such a huge problem with my mom, I wouldn't want as much of the other drugs that run out of my system faster (I have a drug test coming up) and I wouldn't have to spend the time I plan for Homework/Work trying to make smoking a secret, along with covering up my failure to do so.
    The reason why I'm so high now is because I've been on a "natural high"/t-break/thanksgiving vacation and now that I'm home to try to go to sleep this early in the morning I went out back all ninja-like with my 7H pipe from long ago and some tobacco... and ho ly shit! lol sorry for all the tl;dr or whatever but that is literally how high I am: that I would sit here and type away rather than actually go to sleep... I think I'm dumb:p. goodnight people
  2. You got high off tobacco?
  3. Bro, sorry to tell you marijuana is a drug by definition. THC is a drug. Marijuana has THC in it. No matter how you put it, science can prove it.
  4. Yeah I thought a drug = any mind-altering substance. So by that definition alcohol is definitely a drug too, no worries. Everyones a junkie

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