i have white dust/power spots on my plant what does that mean?

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  1. i bought a clone about 2 weeks ago and it's growing nicely it's called ice and i'd say right now it's about 8-9 inches tall. the plant now has 7 (soon to be 8) good sized leaves (there alternating also), and grow room specs are in my sig (i added clone to that set-up) well today when i go to check on my baby i see about 3 leaves with 1 white spot on each of them i go to touch it and it's like a white powder or dust....i wiped it off and smelt it (of course it smelt like weed). so what would that be? what would cause it?? im hoping it might be some crystals or smoething:confused: but right now it's still in veg. on 18/6
  2. help i dont know what this stuff is??/
  3. Might be mold.
    What is the humidity ranges of your room?
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  5. if it's powdery mildew, mix some nonfat milk 1:9 with water and spray on the leaves with the mildew and on the leaves surrounding the active infestation.

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