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I have voices in my head if I dont smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by motoxer, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. I I have been smoking regularly for 5 years now. I smoke every day multiple times. I am definitely huge closet pot head status. I'm 23 and in these last few years of my life I just have been changing and learning a lot about myself, most of not not good. I have a good job and make great ever I am required to work rotating shifts, which is part to blame for my surfacing mental issues. I have ADD, chronic delayed sleep phase disorder, and some mild depression here and there. This rotating shift shit is bringing out substance abuse in me. I started smoking at work about 6 months ago, especially on the night shift. Every time I go a couple days without weed I get scary thoughts and voices in my head. That are relieved when I smoke again. If there is any group of people that can get addicted to mj it's me. What should I doo. Of course i could quit but then I'd probably be a drunk and smoke nasty cigs Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. That sounds like a medical issue rather than a "cannabis addiction" issue.
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  3. Seek medical attention before these voices start telling you to kill someone. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    do the voices actually seem to be in your head? Or does it seem like you're hearing them with your ears??? Either way, you should probably talk to a professional... My only guess from your short post is that it is something related to lack of sleep (hopefully). You don't want to be crazy like me :)
  5. Could be schizoaffective disorder
    When you're not smoking it brings out the depression which can bring out the voices. But the fact that you don't have a real sleep schedule could definitely be a part of it too, I get it most when I'm super tired
    It depends what exactly you're hearing and how your hear it because some auditory hallucinations are normal

    The key thing to remember is that what you hear is probably just your conscience manifesting itself, and if you're having scary thoughts your head is in the wrong place. The best thing you can probably do is to learn about meditation and really try to release the negativity in you. Gain control over your mind instead of letting it control you
    Or you can go get called crazy and given a handful of pills
  6. Did you smoke heavily? Could have smoked yourself into psychosis
  7. If you do this they will strap you down , lock you up, and throw away the key
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  8. Smoke moreSent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  9. I like the voices... They keep me company.
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  10. Cannabis may 'bring out' mental disorders, but they also posses the chemicals that suppress their effects.. That's probably why they 'go away' as you're high. It's definitely not the cannabis bro..
  11. Id go and see a professional
  12. Eat edibles for every mealSmoke marijuana every 15 minutes when you're not awakeGrow your own and try to combust a kilo a month.Bam, problem solved
  13. Or quit smoking  would be the cheaper option. OP if you got the money do was steve said and stay high 24/7... you may lose your job... but the voices will go away.. or maybe they'll adapt and come back when you're high. Then they'll be there when you're high and sober and you'll just have to kill yourself or move on to harder drugs ... woah this got dark
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  14. Voices in your fucking head? Only thing you SHOULD do is seek professional help immediately. 
  15. What great advice to give to a seemingly schizophrenic person. That is not at all what they will do. There are so many medications for schizophrenia, and great therapists. This information we give out isn't just for the people in this thread, its for the hundreds who will eventually come across this thread, so don't blatently throw out statements like this especially to a person that is in need of professional care.
  16. It's funny that you say this after your post in the Christianity thread. You are also conditioned to believe that schizophrenia is nothing more than an illness that needs to be numbed down by drugs, when half of the "greatest" minds you speak of we're schizo. It is nothing like how it is portrayed by the media
    You get it into someone's head that their brain is broken and that they are capable of horrible things and eventually that will pop out of their sub conscious and end up as "voices"
    If it was treated as a gift rather than an illness, like it was for thousands of years, people would respond to it a lot better
  17. [quote name="420Chode420" post="19339948" timestamp="1389731530"]What great advice to give to a seemingly schizophrenic person. That is not at all what they will do. There are so many medications for schizophrenia, and great therapists. This information we give out isn't just for the people in this thread, its for the hundreds who will eventually come across this thread, so don't blatently throw out statements like this especially to a person that is in need of professional care.[/quote]If he admits that he has murderous thoughts they will restrain him depending on how he looks and how they perceive him
  18. I think a skitzo diagnosis would be pretty extreme guys. I don't hallucinate, don't have thoughts of killing ect. My lifestyle just fucking sucks. My diet sucks, I don't exercise, my work schedule is fucking killing me slowly, I have a extremely irregular sleep schedule and I abuse substances (weed). They are not clear voices it's just shitty thoughts going through my head, I should see a phsyciastist tho, I have good insurance Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. Mental disorders are in the DNA.. Of it's in your genes. It's in your genes. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. schitzo or not, we all need to talk to someone sometime and ive found that for myself that person is a therapist, not all therapists are good just like not all doctors care about their patients.  So i say if youve got good insurance fuckin go for it man! but i mean first thing the therapist is going to say is take care of yourself, try to regulate something in your life sleep if you can is probably the best, diet is second, im not saying lose weight but look into foods that nourish your body! eat shitty food too if you want to, hostess cakes are the fuckinbombdotcom, but keep in mind that your body needs so much to keep it going! try to work on your self talk like if you say something shitty to yourself in your head, think: fuck that man my booty rocks and im hilarious. it sounds STUPID to counter bad talk with good but it settles in and grows on you!

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